Escape from your studies with these fall movies this semester

Willow Yang/File

Movies can be a great way to escape the grind of UC Berkeley classes — at least for two hours. For not too much money, you can have an excuse to not think about school, and you might even have an enjoyable time. Here are some movies coming out during the fall semester to keep an eye out for.

“Mandy” — Sept. 14

Starting off this list is Nicolas Cage’s latest film. If an insane and kinetic movie where Nicolas Cage takes revenge against a cult leader who took his wife sounds awesome to you, make sure to check this film out. It should be quite the experience no matter what.

“The House with a Clock in Its Walls” — Sept. 21

If you want something a little more magical, then how about this movie in which Jack Black teaches a young boy how to use magic? Do you wish for magical powers or want your fear of the ticking clock to be shown on screen? This might be a movie for you.

“Hell Fest” — Sept. 28

The horror genre can come up with some fascinating scenarios, and this movie is no exception. The plotline of a serial killer using a horror theme park (like all those haunted house experiences that pop in October) to hide his kills is genius. It also gives you a good excuse not to go to those haunted houses next month.

“First Man” — Oct. 12

Oftentimes, human achievement has a glossy sheen to it that makes it feel like it was destined to happen and everyone was fully confident about its success. That can make challenges we take on in our own lives feel stressful because we don’t have the same confidence. This film about the first moon landing should be a nice reminder that we still can do incredible things even when there are bumps in the road.

“Halloween” — Oct. 19

Why not get into the Halloween spirit with this sequel to the classic 1978 slasher movie. There’s probably some catharsis in trying to kill something that seriously affected your outlook on life and now has come back for round 2.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” — Nov. 2

This is a film about Queen and Freddie Mercury. At the very least, it should be a way to escape through the many great Queen songs. There’s also a chance to realize that Queen, even as a prolific band, didn’t have the smoothest ride to success, but that this struggle made the limelight worth it.

“Overlord” — Nov. 9

Here’s another horror movie on this list, but “Overlord” seems more focused on dark fun than scares. The movie is about World War II soldiers discovering labs that are creating Nazi zombies. This flick looks like action-packed fun and serves as a reminder that we can overcome even the most horrific scenarios.

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” — Nov. 16

In my opinion, there is no better escape from the problems of today than diving into nostalgia. Chances are, Harry Potter reminds you of just this, making this new Harry Potter spin-off series a perfect fit. Allow it to transport you to your past for a chance for you to feel like a kid again.

“Anna and the Apocalypse” — Nov. 30

This movie is a musical, a zombie film, a high school comedy and a Christmas film all in one. Why not watch people enjoy killing the dead right before you kill your dead (week). The film should at least remind you that winter break is right around the corner.

So find a movie that speaks to you and give it a watch this fall semester. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face and helps you forget whichever current problem you’re dealing with at school. 

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