A power ranking of the best bathrooms on campus

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Do you ever find yourself on campus in the middle of the day when nature calls, but the idea of visiting the notably disgusting campus bathrooms is less appealing than spending an entire day trapped in a room with Oski? Well Cloggers, you’re in luck. Say goodbye to VLSB’s graffiti and Dwinelle Hall’s trash piles, because the Clog is here with a power ranking of some of the best spots to take care of your business while going about your day.

6. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union — between Open Computing Facility and Berkeley Art Studio

You’ve probably never heard of these bathrooms before. Tucked away in a little corner of the basement in the student union, these bathrooms are more spacious and open than others on campus, with plenty of mirror space. You’ll never have to wait in line here, and the smell isn’t potent enough to make you faint upon entering. If you find yourself in a flurry to change or get ready for a formal occasion on campus, these bathrooms are your go-to.

5. Sutardja Dai Hall — first floor

These bathrooms located up in techland are among the best options available on campus. The bathrooms located down the hall from the new Yali’s Café are smaller, which means you may have to wait in line if you go between classes. However, the facilities in Sutardja Dai are on the newer and cleaner side, making them a suitable place to go when you need to relieve yourself of the Red Bull you chugged to help you finish your project the night before.

4. Boalt Hall — first floor

UC Berkeley does whatever it can to impress its graduate student population, and it doesn’t draw the line at bathrooms. The law school facilities are spacious and generally clean, as the school wouldn’t want to give the impression to visiting law bigwigs that this school is as crusty as its other facilities might suggest.

3. Moffitt Library — fourth floor

The only reason why this one makes the cut on the Clog’s power ranking is because it’s the most heavily trafficked gender-neutral bathroom on campus. While this, in practice, means urine splattered over literally every surface area, we applaud this bathroom, nonetheless, for it’s lukewarm contribution toward inclusivity.

2. Connie and Kevin Chou Hall — third floor

It should come as no surprise that the nicest bathrooms are located in UC Berkeley’s mini-Wall Street. Chou Hall is one of the newest additions to campus, so the bathrooms there have experienced significantly less wear and tear than others on campus. And of course, in case our neighborhood snakes didn’t experience enough perks, these bathrooms are also cleaned on a semiregular basis. This bathroom would take the No. 1 spot on our list if it wasn’t for its inconvenient location and the fact that you have to navigate through people wearing pantsuits to get there.

1. Doe Memorial Library — first floor

These restrooms are pretty out of the way of foot traffic, making them significantly cleaner and more reliably empty. These bathrooms take the No. 1 spot on our power ranking for the open, green house-esque aesthetic. With big, open windows that allow for lots of natural light during the day, this bathroom is a rare campus gem where you might actually enjoy taking care of your business.

There you have it for the best spots at the No. 1 public university for when you need to take a No. 1 (or 2). Don’t let dirty bathrooms stop you from tending to your bodily needs!

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