Citing racist views, committee recommends removal of Boalt name from UC Berkeley law school building

In the spring of 2017, law school Dean Erwin Chemerinsky said it was brought to his attention that John Boalt — after whom the building wing is named because of a donation from his wife, Elizabeth Boalt — was a leading advocate of the Chinese exclusion policy. In his text “The Chinese Question,” John Boalt presented negative views about Black people, Native Americans and Chinese people, according to a document released Monday by Chemerinsky.
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Carol Christ must acknowledge UC Berkeley’s role in gentrifying the city

CAMPUS ISSUES: In leading UC Berkeley, the chancellor must accept the campus’s unique reach and influence

UC Berkeley plans on building student housing on nine different locations throughout the city — and Chancellor Carol Christ doesn’t seem to realize how this gentrification will impact the city’s residents. In a meeting with The Daily Californian’s editorial board this week, Christ said she doesn’t think student housing contributes
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A little bit louder now

Sex on Tuesday

This column was originally published in the Dec. 1, 2009 issue of The Daily Californian. Mom, looks like I’m going to be doing this for the rest of the semester. Warning: If you read this, our phone conversations are going to get even more awkward. Let’s be real here — we all
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