Episode #2: I Got Five On It


Tune in to Multimedia’s new collaboration with the Sports department with a new podcast, One Golden Moment, focused exclusively on recapping men’s basketball at Cal. Current basketball beat reporter Justice delos Santos brings you a podcast that will fill you in on what you’ve missed and what to look out
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Television network A&E perpetually misrepresents criminal justice system

A&E stands at the forefront of documentary and reality series about topics related to criminal justice. And while, at first glance, it may seem admirable that the network is raising awareness for the unseen and unheard narratives of incarcerated communities, these shows often result in generalized and misguided tales of life behind bars, as well as the people who experience the justice system first-hand.
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Annals of Beauty

Miss Communication

There is an inconspicuous clinic on an unremarkable street lined with tall oak trees in which I spent the better part of an afternoon against my own good judgment and the advice of my close friends. I sat in a sterile waiting room — the walls were cream, the smell
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