Episode #3: The Optimism of Oski

In Episode No. 3 of the One Golden Moment podcast, Rory (@RoryOToole4) and Justice (@justdelossantos) hop back on the microphone to talk about the last couple weeks of Cal basketball, and Rory gives the hottest take in the young podcast’s history. Follow us on Soundcloud. Follow us on Spotify. Follow
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A tale of two Christmases

Off the Beat

I’m dreaming of a (non)white Christmas — two of them, actually. Being Coptic Christian means that my official Christmas falls on Jan. 7. But my family has adopted a tradition of having a small Dec. 25 Christmas, too, a way of making a Western holiday our own. Our wooden dining
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Microwave closes American Vacation Tour with crashing rock sounds

The guys of Microwave — lead singer Nathan Hardy, drummer Timothy Pittard, guitarist Wesley Swanson and bassist Tyler Hill — have been on the road for the last month in a wave of emo rock glory. The tour began Nov. 15 in Los Angeles and has traveled cross-country, only to return to California for its last date.
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