Verified myths that will get you through midterm season

A green hill covered in grass is empty during a cloudy day.
Yijian Shan /Staff

With multiple midterms in a week, sometimes in a day, you just need to do everything you can to increase your luck and hope that the midterm gods will have mercy on your soul. With a plethora of myths floating around campus, we at the Clog have done the work for you. We’ve picked out the ones that will get you through any exam, guaranteed.

  1. Backward roll down 4.0 hill.
  2. Pole vault over all the seals around Memorial Glade, in counterclockwise direction.
  3. Climb up and down the Campanile, yelling your undying love for your GSIs whenever you get to the top. Repeat until all of your GSIs have been adored.
  4. Attend every office hour with earphones in, and absorb knowledge through diffusion.
  5. Stand upside down on Sproul until you see three students in the class or your professor.
  6. Make offerings of graded homework assignments to the midterm gods.
  7. Lastly, eat at Croads right before your midterm — if your stomach survives it, you’ll get through your midterm.

Rumors are also afloat that the technique known as “studying” can be a highly effective and reliable means of success. But we at the Clog are unfamiliar with such a concept and, therefore, don’t recommend it. If you do try it or any of the methods above, let us know how it went!

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