UC Berkeley junior Jasmine Sheena announces independent candidacy for ASUC senate

Amanda Ramirez/Senior Staff

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Campus junior Jasmine Sheena announced her independent senate candidacy for the 2019 ASUC elections on March 5.

Sheena, a former news reporter for The Daily Californian, is studying political economy and running on a platform that focuses on reforming certain aspects of Greek life, providing consent talks for all campus organizations, creating more mental health programs for sexual assault survivors and increasing representation for minority organizations.

Sheena said she is not afraid to say what others won’t, adding that she is determined to advocate for the causes she cares about.

“I found that I am a very confident, assertive woman, and that wasn’t always appreciated in certain spaces that I worked in,” said Sheena. “Over time, I’ve developed an I-don’t-care attitude to people’s opinions of me.”

Sheena said her interest in politics began with feminism. Growing up in a socially-conservative Indian household opened her eyes to the double standards women are subject to.

On campus, Sheena aims to highlight accountability not only in Greek life, but also in campus organizations. As part of that conversation, she hopes to increase the number of campus events, resources and representation for survivors of different backgrounds and orientations.

“Her passions are in the right place,” said ASUC Senator Stephen Boyle in an email. “She has already demonstrated from her work that she is ready to make an impact in those areas.”

Liam Will, another independent senate hopeful, said he joined forces with Sheena because each believes the other has more knowledge and experience addressing the issues on their respective platforms.

“Jasmine’s not afraid to be transparent on what she wants to push for — she will talk in detail on her ambition,” said Will. “Jasmine will approach the ASUC in a way where the time and resources …  is used for what matters most on campus.”

Voting for the ASUC elections will be held April 8, 9 and 10.

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