A power ranking of the top 5 Jonas Brothers music videos

It’s safe to say everyone is more than excited that the Jonas Brothers are back together. We at the Clog, however, can’t help to think of who these boys were before “Sucker” totally rebranded them. Let’s take a trip back to before these Disney Channel, purity ring-wearing brothers became actual sex gods… and, sadly, husbands too. From “Year 3000” to “Sucker,” here’s our top five Jonas Brothers music videos!

5. “Year 3000”

Of course we had to include this classic that got the Jonas Brothers on our radar! “Year 3000” was a revamped version of the British band Busted’s very own song, and we at the Clog are here to say that this is a classic example of how, sometimes, America is better than Europe — shocking, we know! Nick, Kevin and Joe are the cutest in this video with their bad hair and even worse video effects.

4. “When You Look Me In The Eyes” 

This song alone makes you want to bawl your eyes out, but in a good way. If this song didn’t make you fall madly in love with one of the brothers, then we don’t know how to tell you this, but you probably don’t know what love is. The video tugs at your heartstrings even harder, especially since it’s in black and white. The behind-the-scenes that we get of these boys makes us realize that they’re human beings just like us. Although their hair is just as bad, maybe even worse, we can overlook that because of how great this song and video is.

3. “Sucker”

The music video that revived the Jonas Brothers just has to be somewhere on this list! We salute “Sucker” for what is has given us. From the boys being all grown-up and so so so handsome, to the shots of them having fun with their wives, this music video does it all for us. All the colors and “Alice in Wonderland” vibez makes us feel like having a little bit of fun in our lives too. Just when we thought we were over the Jonas Brothers, they’ve led us back down the rabbit hole of boy bands — and we’re totally fine with that!

2. “Burnin’ Up”

Even though we couldn’t be happier for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, we can’t forget about the actual power couple that reigned over Disney. Yes, “Burnin’ Up” has topped this high because of a special appearance by Selena Gomez. Who can forget when this duo dated? Especially when it caused drama between Gomez and other Disney sweetheart, Miley Cyrus. The story line of this video also follows the brothers as secret agents, so it’s basically like watching a mini movie too. But above all, the rap breakdown from their body guard, Big Rob, adds that extra touch, landing this video at No. 2.

1. “Lovebug” 

You may have forgotten about this banger, but we haven’t. “Lovebug” pulls at your heartstrings just as much as “When You Look Me In The Eyes” does, but the music video is just amazing. With a look back in time and the Jonas Brothers in white suits and slicked back hair, it was really a no-brainer that this video comes in as No. 1. And with the love story within this music video too, you can’t help but smile and believe in true love! The breakdown of the song with the slow motion of the video is also that icing on the cake that secures “Lovebug” as the reigning Jonas Brothers music video.

So there you have it! We strongly urge you to really watch these videos before you come after us with pitchforks and fire sticks because you thought “Burnin’ Up” should’ve been No. 1.

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].