ASUC committee convenes for 1st time this summer

The ASUC Senate’s inter-semester committee — which includes eight ASUC senators, senators-elect and the executive vice president designee — convened for the first time Wednesday evening to discuss legislation, including a bill to ease the path for exceptional new groups on campus to gain special funding.
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Dirt off your shoulders

I’m in full support of players taking every single right they have as by far the most important part of the NBA. This is a player’s league — and least it should be — and villainizing teenagers before, during, and after they’re on a drowning team should only inspire others to do whatever they want. Refuse workouts. Call out coaches. Tell people how you feel. I want to see players reclaim the league.
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Men's Basketball

Jabari Bird strives to etch out NBA career following 4 years at Cal

With the 2017 NBA draft less than 24 hours away, the Bay Area product finds himself on the outside looking in, hanging under the radar of Mock Drafts around the board, most of which do not project him being selected. Bird has put himself in the best position possible to be drafted in the weeks leading up to the draft, working out with the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings.
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For Nabra

Nabra Hassanen was walking from the typical Ramadan morning meal — what we call suhoor — to her local Virginia masjid when disaster struck.
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But are they, y’know, gay?

“Bless your heart” means so much more than its literal sentiment. On the surface it means just that, a blessing — but in reality, it is often used as a way to insult a person without technically speaking ill of them. That’s common in the South; there is always more
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