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Cal vs. Arizona football shootaround

Arizona has a severely different offense from Washington State’s air raid. Can Cal’s defense keep the same level of play against a run-heavy team? Vikram Muller: (Washington State head coach) Mike Leach seemingly refused to run the ball up the middle, where it has hurt the Bears most this season.
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Football Q&A with an Arizona reporter

Editor’s note: The following is a Q&A between Andrew Wild, sports editor of The Daily Californian, and Saul Bookman, a sports editor at the Arizona Daily Wildcat. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. Khalil Tate has exploded onto the scene, and the box score makes it seem
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The Soapbox

The grapes to pick

The death toll has risen to at least 40 in the Northern California wildfires. Fifteen separate fires have combined to tear through more than 220,000 acres, destroying nearly 6,000 buildings. For scale, imagine that the entire city of San Francisco was leveled to the ground. That would only be about
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Letters to the Editor

Industry-sponsored research upholds UC commitment to public service, educational missions

The Daily Californian’s recent piece about private-sector-sponsored research includes significant misrepresentations of both the financial implications of this type of research and how it is supportive of the University of California’s public interest missions. Specifically, this piece mischaracterizes why we seek funding from industry and their partnership in research, and
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The Soapbox

On My Mind

I am currently working with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist to get through this problem, and it distresses me as much as it distresses you that I am unable to motivate myself or put the same care and effort into my studies that I have for my entire life.
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Bear Bytes

The Birth of the Overwatch League

An international league of competition — it’s something that hasn’t really been achieved in professional sports. Yes, we do have annual or quadrennial tournaments where we crown world champions, but they require national sports organizations to select their own representatives that compete in the Olympics and other international tourneys. Instead, I’m
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