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UN committee chair Theresia Degener speaks at UC Berkeley

About 20 people — ranging from UC Berkeley graduate students to elderly community members — strolled, or wheeled, into Dwinelle Hall on Monday, where they heard Theresia Degener, the only female member and chair of the United Nations, or U.N., Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, speak about her work on the committee.
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The Soapbox

The mutual exclusivity of politics and heritage

Is there an inherent divide between Zionism and left-wing politics? My parents are from Israel. My family has lived in the region for generations. With such heritage, it’s difficult for me to hold no bias, even though I’ve always prided myself on my impartiality and objectivity. Furthermore, I speak about
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Your body, your choice

I found out that I was pregnant at 13 weeks — already past my first trimester. I know it’s hard to believe. Even to this day, my mom thinks that I’m lying to her, that I found out about my pregnancy earlier but didn’t communicate. But I’m not lying; it’s
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Sex on Tuesday

Decolonize your pussy

I’m shirtless on his bed, chatting with someone through his bedroom window of the Person of Color theme house. He kisses down my back, hints that I should cut my conversation short. He starts taking off my clothes and pushes my head toward his dick — no words, just a
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Chumming the water

At 10 p.m., sitting in one of four mustard-yellow lounge chairs in my living room, I open Grindr. A little green circle pops up at the bottom corner of my profile, indicating that I am online. I had released the bait, chummed the waters, so to speak, and patiently waited
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The Soapbox

The acquired accent

“Don’t you dare come back with a fake accent.” I snorted disdainfully at these emotional parting words from my best friend, skillfully covering up the anguish and self-doubt that was welling up inside me. It’s a true testament to the power of UC Berkeley’s impostor syndrome that I began to
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