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On My Mind

I am currently working with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist to get through this problem, and it distresses me as much as it distresses you that I am unable to motivate myself or put the same care and effort into my studies that I have for my entire life.
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Bear Bytes

Week 6 NFL Roundup

Week 6 of the NFL was full of drama both on and off the field, so let’s get right to the biggest stories of this last weekend. Aaron Rodgers may be out for the year: Another week, another star player injured. Last week it was Odell Beckham Jr., who suffered
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Bear Bytes

Fantasy Football Recap Week 6

Normally this section is the highlight of writing this fantasy recap; unfortunately, this tweet is all I am able to relay about Rodgers this week. The beautiful stat lines that usually occupy this space will be missing for likely the remainder of the season. In other news, the Milwaukee Bucks play the Boston Celtics this Wednesday …
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