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Love in all the wrong playlists

These playlists hold everything I have ever experienced, from the utter joy I felt laughing and screaming with friends on a spontaneous beach day to the churning I felt in my stomach during a fumbled kiss in the dark that I knew would be our last.
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A game of luck

I never once considered myself lucky. I had worked hard through IV and breathing treatments to prepare for all my exams. I had no choice but to push through the dull aches and the sleepy side effects. Classmates couldn’t understand my struggle and often mocked me for “privileges” by stating that I was lucky.
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Cal in Color

An unfulfilled dream

I took all the depression, guilt and anger that I had constantly built up within me and took it upon myself to accomplish my father’s unfinished mission. It wasn’t easy to get back on my feet, and I worried that I would fail my father because even though I had a lot of passion and determination, I felt completely lost.
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The Soapbox


I’m not ashamed of disclosing my sexual orientation anymore. I now can confidently take my girlfriend’s hand and kiss her in public and no longer tremble when someone condemns me, saying I’m going to hell or calls me a bull dyke.
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Stop glorifying UC Berkeley’s workaholic stress culture

A recent tweet criticizing a UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer sciences professor’s proposed 80-hour weekly academic workload has outraged many community members. But this incident is symptomatic of a larger issue: the toxic work culture on this campus. UC Berkeley is often stereotyped as the “workaholic” UC campus, and it’s time for the community to acknowledge how harmful that title really is.
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The Soapbox

The food chain

Being in Greek life should be an opportunity to surround yourself with people you connect with — a way to spend time outside of school doing things you enjoy. I chose my sorority because I loved the company of so many women in the house, and I still do. But spending my weekends in houses full of strangers, waiting for the party to end made being in Greek life feel more like a job I paid to participate in than the inclusive community I had hoped for.
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Culture Shot

March Madness of Music: One-hit wonders

With that, we’ve reached our final two — “Somebody that I Used to Know” and “Come on Eileen.” But one-hit wonders are no better than anyone else in that there can only be one winner. It’s a difficult matchup to say the least. Ultimately, Gotye fell to Dexys Midnight Runners and “Come on Eileen” claimed the crown.
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3 days and 3 worlds in southern New Mexico

Not many southwestern road-trippers take the time or even know to drive just a bit more southeast into New Mexico. By adding just a few more days to your road trip, you’ll encounter landscapes of rolling white sand dunes, deep caves that host underground ecosystems and vast canyons along the Texas border.
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