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Mother knows best

I knew my lines perfectly, so much that almost two years after I took my last curtain call in patchily applied stage makeup, I’m still struggling not to act them out in college.
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The Soapbox

Checking my privilege

Up until this point I had been ignorant of the fact that my whiteness granted me greater social mobility and access to parties. My white privilege meant that I was never subject to any kind of racial profiling. It meant that I would never have to consider how profiling affected people of color and other marginalized students within the Greek community — until it happened to my friends.
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Curves are full of surprises

While I sat in my class, the words “men only laugh at curvy girls” replayed in my head. I imagined Hector was laughing at my body with his friends all this time. I tried to hold back my tears, thinking he only walked me to my class out of pity.
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The Soapbox

Searching up inspiration

Something about being around other women in STEM — women who looked like me, women with similar aspirations and who had ultimately succeeded — meant the world to me. It gave me a sense of confidence in my abilities.
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Utrecht, I love you

“Nothing bad happens here, it’s completely safe,” my friends and I say as we complain about our home country. But, on Monday about 10:35 a.m., something unbelievable happened.
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