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UC Regents must address discrimination on campus

How many sex discrimination and harassment complaints against the University of California does it take for the UC Board of Regents to understand that it has a very serious problem on its hands and take action? I am a longtime plaintiffs civil rights and employment attorney in Oakland and a
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Sex on Tuesday

A bedroom masquerade

This column was originally published in the April 5, 2011 issue of The Daily Californian. Everyone wears a mask to bed. Personality is multifaceted. It is fluid in the way that it is never exactly the same around two people, that it reveals itself only partially at best. And yet, during the potentially
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Recent UC student workers contract is regressive

In late August, UC student-workers across the state saw one of the most regressive contracts in a decade take effect. To make matters worse, this atrocious contract was embraced by some in the leadership of the UC Student-Workers Union, or United Auto Workers Local 2865. And the process of contract
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Crossing the line

Over the last few months of writing a weekly column about my mixed background, I’ve realized how proud I am to be biracial in spite of the occasional sense of exclusion. I’ve talked about what racial categories mean to me, discussed the feeling of being excluded from my Algerian side
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