Miguel preaches sexuality at Fox Theater

Mitzi Perez/Staff

Sure, to fixate on Miguel’s Herculean, topless body might be unprofessional. After all, the R&B singer’s Tuesday night performance at the Fox Theater had so many other merits. There was his exhilarating charisma, which pulsed at the audience like a solar flare. There was his soaring falsetto, which peaked with
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Valerie Khau

Valerie’s Views: On conforming to pop

For some people, pop is an ironic indulgence. It’s reserved for jam sessions in the car with the squad or lit-as-fuck college party playlists. Amid the increasing relevance of social media and the concurrent growth of digital noise, identities validated by exclusivity now demand greater interest in niche genres. A
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LA’s best-kept secret: FYF 2015

To the nearly 40,000 people who attended Fuck Yeah Fest 2015 on Sunday and Monday, the music festival still feels like Los Angeles’ best-kept secret. In its twelfth year, FYF has flourished as the crown jewel of LA’s lively summer scene. Even with radio-ready headliners jampacked over the course of
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FKA Twigs_online

FKA twigs challenges listeners with dissonance, sinister lyricism

Early Friday morning, experimental trip-hop artist FKA twigs dropped a surprise EP and an accompanying short film as enigmatic as the artist herself — M3LL155X (pronounced “Melissa”). True to FKA twigs’ established reputation, M3LL155X is original and demonstrates stunning artistry. Though the EP isn’t exactly easy listening, its songs are
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Classical music group Ensemble Mik Nawooj reimagines hip-hop songs

From a methodological, classically trained perspective, hip-hop is a revolutionary invention. At least it is to JooWan Kim, a Korea-born composer who trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. While earning his master’s degree in San Francisco, Kim composed a one-off orchestral chamber piece that incorporates emcees. The performance
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Cayucas performs unsurprising set at the Independent

When the West Coast bands Cayucas and Hibou performed at the Independent in San Francisco on Monday, the city’s weather was strangely suited for the occasion. Smoke from the wildfires covered the sky with a thick, gray blanket that obscured the sun and diffused the street lights along Divisadero Street,
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Art exists everywhere

State of the art

My eyes ran along the walls of the almost-empty record store in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, on a brilliantly sunny Monday afternoon. The endless collection of covers all bled into one another until my eyes come to rest on a very special LP. The vinyl was swathed in vibrant colors
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