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I (still) write sins, not tragedies

Cutting Room Floor

Most people grew out of their emo phase years ago. Though I’ve abandoned the smudged eyeliner and band T-shirt aesthetic, I still pre-order Panic! At the Disco albums, I continue to retweet Pete Wentz and I carry a torch for the bands that many have now chalked up to nothing
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Us The Duo-Courtesy

An interview with musicians, married couple Us The Duo

Starting off as online musicians (from social media platforms Vine and YouTube), to online sensations and now live performers, Us The Duo is an open book. Whether it’s through social media or music, it’s always been open to share things with its fans. The band, consisting of husband and wife
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Photo Gallery: Vans Warped Tour 2016

The Vans Warped Tour, which began in 1995, has always been a great place to soak up some sun while being surrounded by the overwhelming feeling of acceptance. This year was no exception. When the doors opened at the Pomona Fairplex, fans flooded in, rushed to the inflatable schedule board
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Outside Lands Willow Yang Senior Staff

Right there with you: Outside Lands 2016

San Francisco's biggest music festival hosts its 8th year

San Francisco’s rapid changes are well-documented. As rents rise and tech booms, the city is changing alongside its inhabitants, and the cultural and civic landscape once the dust settles is uncertain. Until then, the music will keep playing, like this past weekend at San Francisco’s biggest music festival, Outside Lands.
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Barbary Joshua Bote Senior Staff

The Barbary tent plays 2nd banana at Outside Lands

The Barbary at Outside Lands isn’t exactly the place for conventionally “cool” festival attendees, the ones raising meme-bearing poles and sweatily sharing blunts at Major Lazer. The comedy tent, which was curated in conjunction with SF Sketchfest, brings together the folks who discuss the Broadway transfer of “Oh, Hello” and
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