ASUC SUPERB’s Fall 2016 concert lineup

Willow Yang/Staff

We might be in the dead heat of midterm season (and at the tail-end of fall’s dog days), but ASUC SUPERB’s fall 2016 lineup is straight-up fire. Building off the graceful swagger of Kehlani’s set and the one-two punch of cool at Porches and Japanese Breakfast’s gig, the upcoming lineup
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Not famous, not a terrorist

Cutting Room Floor

I almost flung my laptop across the room this summer, surprised by the sight of a hijab on an American show. I couldn’t recall the last time I had seen a visibly identifiable Muslim on a screen that wasn’t playing the news. Granted, the new inmate of  “Orange is the
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Foals_Imad Pasha_Staff

Foals sets standard for rock shows at Fox Theater performance

A useful metric for analyzing concerts is not the pure musicality and lyricism of the band but rather tracing its ability to shift successfully between diametrically opposed, polarized modes of performance without losing the audience. In live show after live show, the effect becomes apparent as sets drag — not
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Jenny Hval Blood Bitch | Sacred Bones Records Grade: B-

Jenny Hval releases uncompromising, avant garde ‘Blood Bitch’

When it comes to experimental work, often it comes down to critics to determine for people at large what’s worthwhile and what isn’t. Interestingly, Norwegian musician Jenny Hval has been placed into the former category. American music publications have been vocal in their adoration of Hval’s complex experimental electronic punk-pop.
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