Lit with Lindsay: Expand the English canon

We’ve been talking about books for a while now — almost an entire semester, actually — and from column to column, we’ve circled around issues involving inclusivity in literature. We’ve been keeping it positive, I think — from learning to love “Beowulf” to embracing the hate-read, my message in writing
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×12: ‘Lost Horizon’

This week on “Mad Men,” Peggy became the proud owner of 19th century erotic octopus art, Joan called it quits for good, and Don embarked on an impromptu cross-country road trip. Buckle up, kids, because “Lost Horizon” was one wild ride. Episode 12 begins with a classic “Mad Men” shot,
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Student designs take center stage at FAST 10th anniversary show

“X” marked the theme at Fashion and Student Trends’ 10th anniversary fashion show last weekend. The sold-out show was a mix of ready-to-wear garments and the stuff that makes fashion shows fun: shell-bedazzled crop tops, wire mesh horns and cutting edge hair and makeup. “We wanted to have something symbolize
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