Neil Young supports Standing Rock activists with novelty in ‘Peace Trail’

Neil Young 7/27 | Reprise Records Grade: A-
Reprise Records/Courtesy
Neil Young 7/27 | Reprise Records
Grade: A-

2016 has been a watershed year for folk music, what with Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel prize for literature, Paul Simon’s latest genre-challenging album and Leonard Cohen’s swan song of a final record. Neil Young joins them now with his upcoming (and 38th overall) album, Peace Trail. As is customary in
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The Weeknd Starboy | XO/Republic Records Grade: D

The Weeknd falls down rabbit hole with ‘Starboy’

By trying to fix something that wasn’t broken, The Weeknd, real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, breaks it all with Starboy — our hearts, our ears and his soul. Somewhere amid the 18 tracks, we lose The Weeknd, and The Weeknd loses us. But rather than heading off into the elusive darkness
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Eleventh Twelfth

Cutting Room Floor

I can’t explain why November is my favorite month. When anyone asks, I say that it’s because my ascendant sign is Scorpio and hope that they buy it and that they won’t try to debate me on whether or not astrology is real in the first place. Ten novembers ago
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