Chaos flocks to ‘A Murder of Crows’

Alessandra Mello/Courtesy

Mac Wellman’s “A Murder of Crows,” directed by Peter Glazer, played at UC Berkeley’s Durham Studio Theater from Nov. 19-22. On the production’s opening night, UC Berkeley’s Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS) put on a performance of Wellman’s play that displayed myriad insightful and well-acted moments. Yet
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Marvel's Jessica Jones

‘Jessica Jones’ fights off superhero stereotypes

After the release of the critically acclaimed “Daredevil,” Marvel and Netflix look to continue their five-series deal with the newest installment “Jessica Jones,” which was released on Netflix on Nov. 20. The comparisons with “Daredevil” seem inevitable, but while there are similarities between the two programs, “Jessica Jones” provides a
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Adele plays it safe on ’25’

“Hello, it’s me.” Four years after the release of 21, Adele announced her long-anticipated return to the music realm in her signature soulful croon. With sparse piano chords laying bare her show-stopping vocals, “Hello” quickly became a smash hit. And the success of 25, released Nov. 21, has been quick
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Noname Gypsy brings sweetness to the Bay

The afternoon sun filtered in through a large window, illuminating the quiet girl perched on the couch. She wore her hair down and full, letting its kinky curls frame her face in a pleasant way. It was Nov. 18 at Stanford’s Harmony House, the university’s Institute for Diversity in the
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All’s fair in Custom Made Theatre’s ‘In Love and Warcraft’

Historically, gamers have often been portrayed under the unflattering light of several stereotypes. They love Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos, and they’re willingly confined to the recesses of their parents’ basements. Most of all, they’re usually stereotyped as male virgins. In a sense, the Custom Made Theatre’s take on
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Arca’s ‘Mutant’ morphs cacophony into pleasure

Arca’s Mutant, released on Mute Records, survives in the in-between, in uncertainty. The album spatters spasms of erotic pleasure and is both claustrophobic and expansive, tense and freeform, shapeless and full. In all these underlying contradictions and tensions, an untouchable and digital entity organically forms and propels listeners into a
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John Mulaney Comedy Special

John Mulaney charms with deadpan attitude in Netflix special

“Saturday Night Live” has produced an incredible number of talented comedians, from early stars such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and John Belushi, to more recent favorites such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg. But it’s easy to forget that there are people who work behind the scenes
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KALEO - alexandra valenti

Icelandic band Kaleo talks blues, classic rock roots

“Kaleo” means “the sound” in Hawaiian, but in this case, it is the moniker of an Icelandic folk rock band that has skyrocketed to success throughout Iceland and Europe and will be playing at The Independent in San Francisco on Dec. 1. Though somewhat surprising for an Icelandic band, Kaleo
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American Horror - FX

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ recap 5×07 ‘Flicker’

This week’s flashback-filled episode was amazing. It features Old Hollywood, old vampires, being locked up and finally escaping. The show opens with Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) finally renovating the Hotel Cortez. His construction workers notice that the hotel has some strange parts that aren’t in the blueprints, so they break
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FRONT BOTTOMS - rosemarie alejandrino

Crowd gets rambunctious at The Front Bottoms’ concert

“We were in Portland the other day, and we said it was the weirdest place we’ve ever been,” said Brian Sella, lead singer of folk-punk quartet the Front Bottoms at their show at Slim’s on Nov. 12. “We have since changed our minds.” While it was not the band’s first
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