"The Neon Demon" | Broad Green Pictures Grade: B-

Style shatters substance in ‘The Neon Demon’

“Beauty isn’t everything,” an unnamed fashion designer dramatically declares in “The Neon Demon.” “It’s the only thing.” Indeed, beauty reigns supreme in Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest psychological horror film. The plot is simple: sixteen-year old Jesse (Elle Fanning) is an aspiring model and industry newcomer. Jesse’s youthful, ethereal features not
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Curating my culture crisis

Cutting Room Floor

During RRR Week of last semester, I visited my linguistic professor’s office to clarify some concepts she had mentioned in the last lecture. I asked her about prototypes, the most central cases of a category. A robin, for example, is a more prototypical member of the bird category than a
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Red Hot Chili Peppers The Getaway | Warner Bros. Records Grade: C-

Red Hot Chili Peppers serves up lukewarm 11th album

There’s a single, basic, unavoidable reality facing every Red Hot Chili Peppers album released — if the songs aren’t catchy, the album isn’t good. Is that a fair standard? Not really, but as a band that has spent 30 years building a jam-funk rock legacy on lyrics such as, “K-i-s-s-i-n-g
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"Wiener-Dog" | Amazon Studios/IFC Films Grade: C+

‘Wiener-Dog’ barks up wrong tree

  A satirical romp in four bitter acts, “War Horse” meets whiny white suburbia: “Wiener-Dog” reaches for biting humor but instead feels muzzled. Writer-director Todd Solondz, known for his caustic directorial vision in such works as “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Happiness,” has once again given life to his layered
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Born and Bred_Chazino Suban-Courtesy

MC Novelist paves way for political grime at Born & Bred

Amid wailing sirens, gunshots and a tongue-in-cheek sample of David Cameron’s Eton-educated voice proclaiming “Keeping people safe is the first duty of government,” grime MC Novelist burst unequivocally onto the scene in 2015, lyrical guns blazing and rhythmic cannons firing in “Street Politician.” Novelist, a 19-year-old black Englishman from Lewisham,
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Mitski Puberty 2 | Dead Oceans Grade: A

Mitski leaves her mark on indie rock with ‘Puberty 2’

Mitski lays out the premise of her new album, Puberty 2, exactly seven seconds in. Neatly laid over the skitter of drum machine ambience, the New York-based musician sighs, “Happy came to visit me.” There’s a lot to unpack over the duration of the album’s opening track (and arguable thesis),
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Caroline Lee_ZainabAli

Reading, rekindled

Cutting Room Floor

As a child, my nose was always in a book. My passion for reading was unparalleled. It allowed me to escape into another realm, where I could indulge in a world so alien from mine that I felt adrenalized just turning the crisp pages of a new book. It sparked
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