Kyle Kizu_online

No country for a screenwriter

Cutting room floor

In one swift motion, my large glass of water dumped all over the keyboard and seeped through every letter down to the motherboard. I heard an almost electric bubbling inside, sounds of murder, as I quickly turned my Macbook upside down and a disconcerting flood of water poured out. Later
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Kishi Bashi_Joyful Noise Recordings.Courtesy

Reflections on ‘Sonderlust,’ a talk with Kishi Bashi

The definition of “cool” has changed and shifted often, but the recent times that it has included classical violin are relatively few and far between. Working to bring it back to the forefront of the music scene is experimental indie pop artist Kishi Bashi. Raised on classical and jazz music
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Daily Cal - Meg Elison - Final

Meg Elison’s singular, feminist sci-fi

Meg Elison was in her final semester at UC Berkeley, and every single day of RRR Week was an uphill battle against the finals looming ahead. An idea — astounding in its completeness — came to her just before finals week was to begin. On the Friday afternoon after her
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Justin Knight_Online

In defense of pop

Fake Out

I was originally going to write this column convincing you to like pop music. My opening line was going to be “Why is inaccessibility cool?” It was going to grab your attention. This piece was going to accuse you of listening to pop music wrong and intellectualizing it too much
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