Jason Schwartzman shines with witty assholery in ‘Listen Up Philip’

A compelling leading character and snappy, witty dialogue make Alex Ross Perry’s new comedy-drama “Listen Up Philip” a delightful snapshot of creative urbanites despite the dark, depressing undertones that lurk beneath the charming facade. It’s a meticulously nuanced character study — as characters exemplify narcissism, loneliness, ambition, depression and nostalgia
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ouija movie

‘Ouija’ is dead on arrival

Board games aren’t a toy to be played with for the hapless characters in director and co-writer Stiles White’s (“Boogeyman”) new horror flick, “Ouija.” Sadly, by borrowing tired cliches from the ghost of horror movies past, this unoriginal film conjures up little more than audience frustration. Longtime best friends Debbie
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‘Summertime’ has an unquenchable thirst for life

The stage is whimsically serene. The backdrop features a blue sky with impressionistic poofy, hazy clouds. A desk with carefully strewn work, a set of lawn chairs, a couch, a side table with snacks and another with sparkling crystal bottles are distributed among clusters of birch trees standing tall and
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Innovative techniques fly in ‘Birdman’

The voice is low, gravelly, striking, disembodied, as if arriving from another planet. The opening scene finds this voice berating our protagonist, veteran actor Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton), who is meditating — levitating? — in a messy dressing room, muttering a mantra under his breath in an attempt to block
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Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’ fails to powerfully stir emotions

With the striking images of journalists clothed in orange jumpsuits kneeling in Syrian sand firmly implanted in the global consciousness, the story of Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater” could not be more relevant or salient. In Stewart’s directorial debut, the notorious “Daily Show” satirist adapts Maziar Bahari’s memoir “Then They Came for
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Fashion Fridays: Back to the ’90s

It’s been building buzz for the past few seasons, but the ’90s revival, led by New York designers such as Alexander Wang, has kicked into full swing this autumn. You’ll find the sartorial legacies of Generation X everywhere in Manhattan, on the runway and on our very own UC Berkeley
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Treasure Island Music Festival Recap

This past weekend, Treasure Island Music Festival brought a relaxed experience filled with musicians ranging from electronica to hip-hop and indie rock alike. With a stunning view of the city and captivating performances, the festival was its own little party in the middle of the Bay. CHET FAKER Electronica musician
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