Street Style: High fashion

Week 4-13

Hundreds showed up at Memorial Glade on Monday afternoon to spark up conversations with friends and to share good vibes. Students were wearing everything under the sun, from tie-dye and crazy costumes to cool, unique articles of clothing like kimonos, cacti socks and jellyfish-patterned button-downs. Gloria Sukamto Gloria is elegantly composed
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Harvard alumna Candice Hoyes dazzles listeners in new album

Candice Hoyes’ On a Turquoise Cloud begins with the familiar sound of Duke Ellington’s delicate jazz piano, performed by Adam Birnbaum. Subtle plucks of the bass emerge as bright clashes of cymbals splash into your ears. And just when you think you’re listening to an old recording of traditional Ellington
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×10: ‘The Forecast’

As always, spoilers abound. This week’s episode of Mad Men was called “The Forecast,” and, as the name suggests, it was all about looking towards the future. The only problem? Not much was happening in the present. We’re now three episodes into the second half of Mad Men’s final season
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×09: ‘New Business’

Leave it to “Mad Men” to air an episode called “New Business” as we teeter our way past the halfway point of the show’s final season. Teetering is also how we find our characters in episode nine: Don is caught between the end of a marriage and the beginning of
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