Bay Area Book Fest

Berkeley book festival explores beyond the bookish

You can capture, to some degree, any human experience with the written word. It was only appropriate, then, that the Bay Area Book Festival covered an array of topics that extended far beyond the bookish. On June 4 and 5, white tents lined Allston Way and Milvia St. from 10
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Sosadtoday_Melissa Broder_courtesy

An interview with ‘So Sad Today’ creator, poet Melissa Broder

“I like talking about getting fucked at Whole Foods,” LA-based poet and essayist Melissa Broder confided over the phone. “That’s not normally something I can delve into!” As the Twitter celebrity responsible for @sosadtoday — her rising multimedia project that spans tweets, a biweekly column on Vice and a newly
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‘Night Vale’ stays weird with debut novel, pleases fans

If you’re no stranger to Night Vale, then Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor’s debut novel, titled after their science-fiction podcast “Welcome to Night Vale,” may feel a bit like coming home. The show’s wildly imaginative yet comfortably familiar landscape is the backdrop for a funny and touching coming-of-age story. On
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