Actor perhaps not so anonymous in James Franco novel

One of the greatest concerns an author has when writing fiction is that he reveals too much of himself in it, discarding his fleshy facade and leaking the inner workings of his mind, his consciousness as visible as the black ink on the page. Celebrated actor James Franco revels in
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Erotica reading cuts straight to the climax

The dildo store smells like hot rubber and looks like a candy counter. Everything is colorful and slick, shining under the lights. Vaguely suggestive dance music plays overhead: “Do you right, yeah / All night, yeah.” Nervous women, always in groups, cluster around the displays, whispering. “I heard they have
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Istanbul, Johannesburg, Singapore art cities of tomorrow

Florence was the “capital of art” during the Italian Renaissance. This distinguished title jumped around between the 15th and 20th centuries from Paris to Berlin to Barcelona. Fontainebleau saw the rise of the Barbizon School. Zurich gained recognition with the popularity of Dadaism at the turn of the century. And
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Expert in FOUND novelties and novels shares findings

Davy Rothbart, the founder and editor of FOUND magazine, strolled onstage at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. The center is stately and bilingual, and the author was slightly incongruous in his engagement at this venue. He took the stage in a bright pink jersey. He carried a gold
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Alice Notley reading featured laughter, musing between the lines

The intimate selections of poetry read by Alice Notley and Simona Schneider at UC Berkeley’s Holloway Reading Series on Thursday made for a night of contradictions; the poets’ performances were lovely yet severe, and their content felt personal yet universal, both descriptive and emotive. Before the event’s slightly delayed start,
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