LSD memoir trippier than the drug itself

Before “Breaking Bad,” back in the good old days of Berkeley, the drug everyone talked about was bubbled and cooked in glass beakers and was called LSD. The best LSD on the market was called Owsley, named for the man who made it refined and pure and popularized it through
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Nun who kissed Elvis Presley writes autobiography

Somewhere in a cloister, there is a nun who kissed Elvis Presley. There must be some people in the world who live a life without surprises. Most of us, however, find that life unfolds in ways we never expected, showing us that absolutely anything is possible. Mother Dolores Hart of
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Jack Boulware, founder of Litquake, considers the demise of publishing and journalism

San Francisco literary festival prepares for its first ever conference dedicated to digital publishing

In the technology boom that was the ’90s, the Bay Area was buzzing with innovative start-ups, emerging IT companies and Silicon Valley excitement. Hidden in this expansive push toward the future of the tech world was a small community of San Francisco bookworms hungry for a city that had once
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City Lights Bookstore celebrates its 60th birthday

Published in 1956, Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl and Other Poems” is City Lights Bookstore’s most famous title. With its frank and vivid descriptions of drug use, “pubic beards” and people “who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists,” “Howl” garnered national attention and notoriety for Ginsberg and City
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Noam Chomsky discusses conflict in Middle East at lecture in Oakland

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Middle East Children's Allowance, Chomsky gave a talk on U.S.-Israeli relations

Professor is the most prosaic of Noam Chomsky’s titles, but it explains how the octogenarian mustered the stamina to lecture at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland a couple of weeks ago for more than an hour (standing up, pausing once for a sip of water). The occasion celebrated the 25th
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