‘Not everybody can dance, so they go listen to comedy:’ Gay Pride Comedy Night at Berkeley’s Ashkenaz welcomes, entertains

Kent Taylor/Courtesy

With humor that was occasionally uncomfortable, but mostly good-natured and lighthearted, the comedians, brought together by producer Lisa Geduldig, held space for the audience and for one another, fostering an atmosphere of warm support that accommodated diverse sexualities as well as multiple styles of comedy.
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TBD Comedy takes its improv antics to Chicago

Smack dab in the middle of midterms season, campus juniors Hannah Garriott and Kavi Mehta just spent a whirlwind February weekend in Chicago. Along with their four fellow improvisers in campus improv group TBD Comedy, they pulled off a second-place win in the West Super division at the 2017 College
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No laughing matter: How late-night comedy swayed the election

We live in an age during which tousling someone’s (questionable) hair becomes a national point of controversy. When the tousler is the beloved host of an NBC comedy institution and the hair being tousled belongs to a “tax-cheating, investor-swindling, worker-shafting, dictator-loving, pathologically lying, attorney’s general-bribing, philandering, mobbed-up narcissistic serial con
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Joel McHale channels signature snark at Nourse Theater

Joel McHale’s finally cashing in on the celebrity memoir fad. Anna Kendrick has a new book out, apparently Naya Rivera (plus everyone else from “Glee”) has put out a memoir and Zayn Malik gathered enough One Direction gossip to get a book deal. It’s about time that our favorite “Community”
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