No laughing matter: How late-night comedy swayed the election

We live in an age during which tousling someone’s (questionable) hair becomes a national point of controversy. When the tousler is the beloved host of an NBC comedy institution and the hair being tousled belongs to a “tax-cheating, investor-swindling, worker-shafting, dictator-loving, pathologically lying, attorney’s general-bribing, philandering, mobbed-up narcissistic serial con
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Joel McHale channels signature snark at Nourse Theater

Joel McHale’s finally cashing in on the celebrity memoir fad. Anna Kendrick has a new book out, apparently Naya Rivera (plus everyone else from “Glee”) has put out a memoir and Zayn Malik gathered enough One Direction gossip to get a book deal. It’s about time that our favorite “Community”
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‘Bubblegum Garbage Party’ is as wild as it sounds

The phrase “Bubblegum Garbage Party” came to Bay Area-based comedian Thomas Bridgman during a feverish, Nyquil-infused sick day off from work. Naturally, he then used it in a one-off tweet in which he joked that the term was his Burning Man nickname. The silly string of words means absolutely nothing:
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