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‘Erasing Time’ dances through dreamscapes

Entering choreographer Sara Shelton Mann’s durational retrospective at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, “Erasing Time,” was much like entering a serene and vibrant dreamscape. Mann’s almost five-hour long “play within a play within,” which took place Dec. 4 and 5, delved into time and shattered the concept of
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‘Swan Lake’ stuns with engaging aesthetics at Zellerbach

Passion, betrayal, madness and tragedy: This is the recipe for Graeme Murphy’s revamped version of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” which ran at Zellerbach Hall with the help of Cal Performances last week. Despite major departures from the classic ballet, it does not disappoint. Founded in 1962, the Australian Ballet is still
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Cal Raijin Taiko drums up history

There are certain elements of attending UC Berkeley that truly epitomize the student experience: football and basketball games, a cappella concerts, protesters, picket lines and late-night cram sessions, just to name a few. There’s one element of the student lifestyle everyone recognizes — but few truly know about it. Students
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NPR host, dancers delight at Zellerbach

“We know that you have no idea what you’re in for at all.” Show host Ira Glass acknowledged that combining dance and radio seems, and is, a bit ludicrous. As two separate media — one primarily based in audio and one primarily based in visuals — nothing inherently combines the
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Alvin Ailey dance show at Zellerbach embodies collaborative movement

A row of feather-skirted women leap across the floor, their precise synchronicity matched only by the movements radiating from flexed muscles and clenched fists, illuminating the stage with their dominating presence. This is one of many iconic, enchanting moments captured in “LIFT” by Aszure Barton, one of the pieces making
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Trey McIntyre Project has its last dance at Zellerbach

In what Cal Performances called “The Farewell Tour of the Trey McIntyre Project,” the Boise-based contemporary dance company gave performances on March 21 and 22 that evoked a sense of an ending as well as enthusiasm for what is yet to come. Since its founding in 2005 by choreographer Trey
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Shanghai Ballet’s ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ cracks the cocoon

Last week, Cal Performances brought the internationally renowned Shanghai Ballet to UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall in a night of drama, elegance and class. The company danced “The Butterfly Lovers,” a childhood romance with fatal consequences that has been touted as China’s “Romeo and Juliet” story. Former principal dancer Xin Lili
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