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Fashion Fridays: Welcome Week Edition

It’s Welcome Week, and everyone’s dressing to impress — freshmen and returning students alike. So how do you stick out from the crowd? Don’t fret about first impressions, just express yourself like you normally would. Sporting everything from menswear-inspired chic to antique accessories, these five best-dressed kids show that the
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Berkeley street style: back-to-school edition!

It may be the end of August, but don’t be fooled — the weather’s only about to get warmer. Known for its late Indian summer, Berkeley will be at its best during the next few weeks, and its climate is a perfect one with which to start the school year.
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Out of the Closet: Street Style at SF Pride

SF Pride Week is notoriously crazy in the style realm. The LGBT festivities this weekend saw everything from sequined bras to poofy tutus to naked nether regions. Though Civic Center Plaza started looking like the leftovers of Electric Daisy Carnival, The Daily Californian spent the weekend combing through the crowded
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Pret-a-Porter fashion show gets back to basics

A crowd of well-dressed fashion aficionados waited outside of what seemed like a remodeled studio in San Francisco last Friday for the last event of San Francisco Design Week, the Pret-a-Porter SF fashion show (pret-a-porter comes from the French fashion term for ready-to-wear). The ragtag group of sartorially conscious attendees
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Street Style: Berkeley’s Fashion Night Out

At the beginning of the month, campus organization Fashion and Student Trends held its biannual FAST fashion show at Clark Kerr Campus’  Krutch Theater, but FAST’s models weren’t the only ones looking ready for the runway. The audience that lined up for the show was a who’s-who of the best
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Fashion Fridays: Dressin’ for Self-Expression

From finals to internships, students have just about everything to worry about this time of year. With so many things on their minds, it may be tempting to dress down a bit. However, these fresh kids resisted the call of sweatpants and gym shorts, continuing to look towards their wardrobe
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Pharrell hits the streets with Uniqlo collaboration

Hollywood’s never-aging everyman Pharrell Williams has certainly kept himself busy these past two years. Last year, he was featured on two singles, “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines,” both of which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Williams’ success has continued to follow him into this year with the
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Fashion Fridays: Light Layers and Spring Kicks

As Sproul quieted down after ASUC campaign season, the campus’ best dressed kids had an opportunity to shine even more this week. With a perfectly even temperature of 70 degrees throughout the week, light spring layering became the key trend on campus, and students have been excited for pastel on
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Fashion Fridays: Spring Trends on Sproul

This edition of Fashion Fridays, we decided to show you some key spring trends that UC Berkeley students have been getting pretty excited about. If you’ve been trying out ways to spruce up your wardrobe, why don’t you think about …     Marie Sanazaro Style: “Academic chic. I like
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