‘Desert Dancer’ lacks cultural authenticity

Perhaps no story resonates with drama lovers more than revolutionary tales about fighting for freedom. We seem to always root for the underdogs, especially when it comes to youth in revolt against systems of oppression. “Desert Dancer” is an underdog story based on the life of Afshin Ghaffarian (Reece Ritchie),
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‘5 to 7′ is a timely tale on unconventional love

When you think of a romantic comedy, there are already a few preconceived notions that probably come to mind: Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall for each other, trouble ensues in the relationship because of an external force, everything eventually gets resolved and they all live happily ever after
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‘Mad Men’ season premiere recap, discussion

Note: this review contains spoilers. “Mad Men” is back and greeting a new decade head-on. The year is 1970, the men are mustachioed, and at SC&P, it’s business as usual — which means a return to casual sex, casual sexism and the neverending exploits of Don Draper. The first of
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