The truth revealed in ‘Merchants of Doubt’

Filmmaker Robert Kenner, known for the documentary “Food, Inc.,” unveils another ugly truth on the big screen with “Merchants of Doubt.” His latest film brilliantly and creatively exposes the playbook used by masters of deception, who often pose as so-called “experts” and are hired by large firms hoping to avoid
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‘Praira do Futuro’ is all looks, no substance

“Praia do Futuro” offers an underwhelming experience that can be summed up with its opening sequence: It begins with two motocross riders, seemingly free and invulnerable, cruising along the breathtaking sand dunes in Fortaleza, Brazil, and it ends with one of them drowning in the dominant waters of the ocean.
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House of Cards

Heavy hand knocks down new season of ‘House of Cards’

What’s the most exciting thing about season three of “House of Cards”? Claire Underwood’s new hair color. Seriously. The show’s leading lady, played with steely poise by Robin Wright, flaunts deep brown tresses midway through the new season, only to return to her signature blonde hue a few episodes later.
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Tumultous history of Ireland unfolds in ”71′

Jack O’Connell has a knack for choosing unglamourous roles. The British actor is known for his part as a misguided skinhead in “This Is England,” the explosively angry James Cook on the teen drama “Skins,” a violent inmate in “Starred Up” and POW Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken.” In
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Same Old Story in Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella’

During the past few years, Disney has added a twist to many classic fairytales and come out with progressive stories of its own such as Brave and Frozen. Despite this new direction that Disney pursues, featuring independent female leads focused less on romantic interests, “Cinderella” disappointingly stays true to its
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A not so astonishing documentary on Orson Welles

12The magic of Orson Welles transcends the confines of Hollywood. Welles, proving to be too ahead of his time, was the essence of entertainment for many generations, and it’s that very quality that caused audiences to become transfixed with his creations. Director Chuck Workman relies on Welles’ magic charm for
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