Israeli military film ‘Zero Motivation’ explores female friendship

Zeitgeist Films/Courtesy

“Zero Motivation” explores how a total lack of interest in accomplishing goals neither guarantees nor denies the likelihood of success. Director and screenwriter Talya Lavie’s debut film chronicles three female administrative officers as they attempt to stimulate excitement in their lives, only to find themselves sinking deeper into the quicksand
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Reese Witherspoon charts new territory in ‘Wild’

Reese Witherspoon astounds whenever she portrays charismatic characters (Tracy Flick of “Election” and Elle Woods of “Legally Blonde,” just to name a couple) who resort to transformative or cathartic decisions when faced with demanding situations. Witherspoon’s ability to fill characterization up to the brim without overfilling it makes these roles
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Documentary gives guided tour of David Bowie exhibit

David Bowie, cultural icon. David Bowie, sex symbol. David Bowie, software developer. Yes, you read that last one correctly. The glam rocker now dabbles in a different creative process: making lyric-producing software that spits out a cornucopia of song-worthy phrases. He calls it the “Verbicizer.” This surprising revelation is just
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