‘Captain Fantastic’ is almost, but not quite fantastic

"Captain Fantastic" | Wilson Webb/Bleecker Street Grade: B
Wilson Webb Bleecker Street/Courtesy
"Captain Fantastic" | Wilson Webb/Bleecker Street
Grade: B

“If there’s any sort of message about parenting or living, it’s about seeking balance,” said Matt Ross, the Berkeley-based director and screenwriter of “Captain Fantastic.” The message sounds reasoned, if well-worn. The route that “Captain Fantastic” takes to get to that message, from deep in the forests of the Pacific
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"Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" | 20th Century Fox Grade: C

‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ elicits laughs, but falls flat with sexist undertones

Eleven years ago, the world witnessed the iconic American comedy “Wedding Crashers.” Combining an uncontrollable duo with regrettable decisions, it scored many laughs from viewers. Now, director Jake Szymanski navigates toward this same humorous premise with a ridiculously funny, mid-summer tale of wedding shenanigans in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding
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"The Neon Demon" | Broad Green Pictures Grade: B-

Style shatters substance in ‘The Neon Demon’

“Beauty isn’t everything,” an unnamed fashion designer dramatically declares in “The Neon Demon.” “It’s the only thing.” Indeed, beauty reigns supreme in Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest psychological horror film. The plot is simple: sixteen-year old Jesse (Elle Fanning) is an aspiring model and industry newcomer. Jesse’s youthful, ethereal features not
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"Wiener-Dog" | Amazon Studios/IFC Films Grade: C+

‘Wiener-Dog’ barks up wrong tree

  A satirical romp in four bitter acts, “War Horse” meets whiny white suburbia: “Wiener-Dog” reaches for biting humor but instead feels muzzled. Writer-director Todd Solondz, known for his caustic directorial vision in such works as “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Happiness,” has once again given life to his layered
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