‘The Great Wall’ showcases great action, hits wall emotionally

"The Great Wall" | Universal Pictures Grade: B-
Universal Pictures/Courtesy
"The Great Wall" | Universal Pictures
Grade: B-

“The Great Wall” is more than just an action film. It is the first major co-production between Chinese and American production studios and is essentially the test run for whether major Chinese projects can be successful in the United States. Accordingly, “The Great Wall” was graced with the largest budget
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"The Space Between Us" | STX Entertainment Grade: D+

‘The Space Between Us’ is emptier than space itself

They say the best stories refuse paraphrasing, that they have an indescribable quality, that a simple summary can’t capture whatever feeling they impart on their audience. “The Space Between Us” is easily summarized. Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) is the result of a scandalous accident, born to an astronaut on a
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"I Am Not Your Negro" | Velvet Film Grade: A-

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ delivers poignant, well-timed take on race in modern America

Elevating James Baldwin’s unfinished novel “Remember This House” to film, Oscar-nominated director Raoul Peck offers remarkable insight into Baldwin’s views on race, power and systemic oppression in the United States while placing the author’s thoughts into a contemporary context with his gripping documentary “I Am Not Your Negro.” Narrated by
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