‘Mad Men’ recap 7×12: ‘Lost Horizon’

This week on “Mad Men,” Peggy became the proud owner of 19th century erotic octopus art, Joan called it quits for good, and Don embarked on an impromptu cross-country road trip. Buckle up, kids, because “Lost Horizon” was one wild ride. Episode 12 begins with a classic “Mad Men” shot,
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×11: ‘Time & Life’

As always, spoilers abound. On the bright side, Mad Men is now several months into 1970, and no one’s said the word “groovy” yet. On the not-so-bright side, episode 11 has us bid farewell to SC&P for once and for all: The agency is gone, dissolved into McCann-Erickson in a
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Alex Garland’s ‘Ex Machina’ is a superb thriller

Written and directed by Alex Garland, “Ex Machina” is a science-fiction thriller film that centers on Caleb Smith (Domnhall Gleeson, “Harry Potter”) and his weeklong apprenticeship. He assists the artificial-intelligence research of Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac, “A Very Violent Year”), the CEO of BlueBook, a search-engine company that Caleb works
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Punk rock documentary seeks revenge for the Mekons

Joe Angio’s 2013 documentary, “Revenge of the Mekons,” chronicles the stylistic evolution of one of Britain’s longest-running first-wave punk bands over its decades in popular culture. The Mekons formed in 1977 as a conceptual project among art students at the University of Leeds who were attracted to the gritty sound
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×10: ‘The Forecast’

As always, spoilers abound. This week’s episode of Mad Men was called “The Forecast,” and, as the name suggests, it was all about looking towards the future. The only problem? Not much was happening in the present. We’re now three episodes into the second half of Mad Men’s final season
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