‘Life of Pi,’ a spiritual journey

There is a moment in “Life of Pi” when the titular protagonist, having recounted one fanciful and one literal version of the same story, asks a novelist which version he prefers. Without hesitating, the novelist confirms that the fanciful story is by far his favorite.  After sitting down with Ang
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French thriller, ‘The Big Picture,’ titillates

Book-to-film adaptations are often ill-fated. The subtlest variations in dialogue compromise tone and intricate backstories of 100-plus pages are crowbarred into tidy, truncated sequences. But what if you radically change the setting altogether? America is swapped for France, and the late ’90s blossom into the contemporary age of social media.
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‘Guardians’ rises above limits of animated films

In the opening scene of DreamWorks’ newest animated release, “Rise of the Guardians,” an adolescent floats in icy-cold water as a melancholy voiceover tells of his mysterious origin. It almost doesn’t feel like a children’s movie but a surreal, existential universe. When the Danny Phantom-esque boy flies out of the
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‘Silver Linings Playbook’ predictable but sweet

Sometimes life throws you curveballs so large, all you can do to keep from falling apart is to look for the silver linings. This is the life philosophy of “Silver Linings Playbook” star Pat Solatano, a former history teacher diagnosed with bipolar disorder who has recently lost his job, house
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Final ‘Twilight,’ breaking patience

How to begin? For four years now, “The Twilight Saga” has been around — a delightful enchantment for devotees and an abhorrent plague for those opposed. There is no middle ground for the film adaptation of the epic love story between Edward Cullen, the besparkled vampire suitor, and Bella Swan,
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