Jean-Luc Godard's latest magisterial essay FILM SOCIALISME will open at San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema September 2.

‘Socialisme’ unifies with collective disinterest

Monsieur Godard, qu’est-ce que la big idea? Literally, what is “Film Socialisme” about? Is it an indictment of the blasé bourgeois of the West? Sure. Is it an indictment of the frantic images of contemporary cinema? Yeah. But both of these prove tiresome terrain for Jean-Luc Godard, who has already
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Abstract Adulthood

It has been a long six years since we have seen a feature film from Miranda July, the coyly svelte poster girl of independent cinema. But in the time since her debut feature “Me and You and Everyone We Know” (2005), July has been a busy little bee, toiling away
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‘One Day’ becomes a forgettable and haphazard mess

“One Day,” a tedious and plodding romantic comedy, is the cinematic equivalent of the proverbial kitchen sink.  It incorporates every single romantic comedy cliché — class differences, a dysfunctional family, an ugly duckling, a hopeless promise to preserve “the friendship,” a list of rules to help preserve said friendship and
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‘The Help’ displays an unfocused and shallow effort

With her trademark ginger locks and deep, throaty voice, Emma Stone is a refreshing revelation on screen. Since her debut in the now comedy classic, “Superbad,” Stone has carved a bustling, fledgling career out of her ability to be both accessibly amusing and extraordinarily elegant. She’s the whole package. Seductive
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Jesse Eisenberg,Aziz Ansari

“30 Minutes or Less” fails to make an impact

Characterized by a surprisingly short running time and an abundance of cheap gags, “30 Minutes or Less” continues the streak of mediocre summer movies that may fare well with more forgiving moviegoers. As an R-rated buddy comedy with a solid cast, “30 Minutes or Less” has the potential of appealing
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A Post-July Future

There was something so Miranda July-esque in learning that I’d only have 20 minutes to interview Miranda July, and that I’d be sharing those 20 minutes with another person. But … why? I thought. I’m so close. I was reminded of a moment in her debut film “Me and You
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Wild Wild West

Last November, when the first trailer for “Cowboys & Aliens” was released, there was a collective gasp of “wait, what?” among audiences across the country. All that could be deciphered from those remarkably ambiguous two minutes was that, as the title would suggest, there would be both cowboys and aliens,
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