Erotic content disturbs in ‘Sleeping Beauty’

You won’t see a bewitched princess, rosy-cheeked and slumbering away in a castle to await her prince in Julia Leigh’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Instead, Leigh’s chilling arthouse film presents the heroine as Lucy (Emily Browning), a college student strapped for cash. Lucy works a variety of odd jobs, one of which
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Comedian Patton Oswalt tackles his most honest role yet

He’s a proclaimed atheist, pop culture enthusiast and voice actor dabble-ist (from “The Fairly OddParents” to the lead role of Remy in “Ratatouille”). He’s known for his role as Star Trek-nerd, Spence in “The King of Queens” and most significantly known for his flourishing stand-up career. Ladies and gentlemen, this
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Top 10 Films of the Year

10. “Jane Eyre” A girl stumbles across the wild and stormy moors, gasping for breath. This is pretty much a requisite scene in all adaptations of “Jane Eyre,” but rarely are we thrown into it in the first few minutes of film, as in this latest interpretation from Cary Fukunaga.
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Scorched Earth

There is something about the American South, with its decaying social mores and weary livers, that we are inexplicably drawn to, like that dark and drawling stranger in the back of the bar, hidden by smoke. Perhaps it’s because we, too, have fallen on hard times, settled for banality and
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