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Film Readers know I have talked about “Melancholia” ad nauseum, but this Thursday, Feb. 23 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco could be your last chance to see Lars von Trier’s spectacular film on the big screen. It’s kind of a trek, but witnessing “Melancholia” — which stars Kirsten
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Daniel Radcliffe stars in horror film

The Woman in Black” begins with all the prerequisites of classic horror. There’s the fog, the ominous music and the sinister visages of antique dolls. Three young girls appear, clad in identical clothing a la the twisted twins of “The Shining” and a tragedy strikes. We’ve seen this pattern before,
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Erotic content disturbs in ‘Sleeping Beauty’

You won’t see a bewitched princess, rosy-cheeked and slumbering away in a castle to await her prince in Julia Leigh’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Instead, Leigh’s chilling arthouse film presents the heroine as Lucy (Emily Browning), a college student strapped for cash. Lucy works a variety of odd jobs, one of which
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