Brave New World

What would you do if you could meet yourself? Would you leap into your own arms and petition for legal marriage? Or would you recoil at the sheer mindfuck of looking into your own face, unmediated by a looking glass? Director Mike Cahill’s feature debut, “Another Earth”, investigates this premise
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Hallowed End

It all began on a quiet, foggy evening in front of Number 4, Privet Drive. A curious-looking man with a long, scraggly beard and half-moon spectacles stepped before the scene. His hat, pointy. His demeanor, warm and kind. 10 years ago, this was the image that brought the enchanting world
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Beats, Rhymes & Life

Tribe Called Quest documentary remains run of the mill

These days, “hip-hop” is almost as nebulous a descriptor as “rock and roll.” 30 plus years after its conception, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres crowd the sonic landscape, reducing what once succinctly summed up sound, theme and attitude to an umbrella term devoid of a concise, useful definition. In 2011, labeling a
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Director Lone Scherfig reflects upon ‘One Day’

Bestselling novels with dedicated fan bases can be notoriously difficult to adapt into films and runaway British hit “One Day” by David Nicholls is no exception. Months ago, when the details of its film adaptation were released, the blogosphere lit up with the impassioned criticism of diehard British fans who
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