Q&A reveals the personal side of ‘Inequality for All’

On Wednesday night in Wheeler Auditorium, following a screening of “Inequality for All” — the documentary battling against the unbalanced distribution of wealth in America — there was a Q&A session featuring UC Berkeley professor, former secretary of labor and best-selling author Robert Reich, director Jacob Kornbluth and moderator Henry
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New season, new ‘Suits’

“Oh, we can tease,” said a coy Sarah Rafferty when asked to reveal sneak peeks for the spring return of USA Network’s “Suits.” A screaming audience of UC Berkeley students packed into California Theatre on Tuesday night to watch the midseason premiere of “Suits” and engage in a live Q&A
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HBO show still ‘Looking’ for audience’s interest

HBO has long relied on 30-somethings struggling with relationships to deliver high viewer ratings (see: “Sex and the City,” “Girls”). “Looking,” its latest foray into the urbanite’s quest for love and sex, centers on the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco. The series follows Patrick (Jonathan Groff),
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‘Kroll Show’ season 2 suffers from sketchy quality

“Kroll Show” might be the weirdest modern sketch show on television right now. Its placement on Comedy Central doesn’t seem like the right fit; it’s much more scatterbrain and inconsistent than most of Comedy Central’s programming. Yet it’s too well-produced to be on Adult Swim, and it’s too trashy and
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