‘End of Watch’ proves more than cop flick

From surveillance footage to dashboard camera close-ups, writer and director David Ayer gives audiences a 360-degree view of two young Los Angeles Police officers in his cop drama “End of Watch.” Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Brian Taylor and Michael Pena as his partner Mike Zavala “End of Watch” is an
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‘Somewhere Between’ delves into adoption

In 1979 the People’s Republic of China implemented the “One-Child Policy,” limiting each family to one child as a means of population control. Thousands of children, mostly girls, were abandoned as a result and roughly 80,000 were adopted by American families. Linda Goldstein Knowlton tells the story of four such
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French film on friends and fibbing disappoints

Many of us are envious of the French habit of taking five week long vacations. Fortunately, Guillaume Canet’s “Little White Lies,” will not only make you grateful of your two-week express holiday, it will give you a new appreciation the American  glut of Chevy Chase inspired vacation-themed movies. It’s no
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Meaty new film feeds off fright

A fast-food restaurant, with greasy grills and artery-clogging fare, seems an unlikely setting for a thriller. But for “Compliance,” the newest film from Magnolia Pictures, fast-food is of little concern. Screenings of “Compliance” have driven audience members from theaters in droves. At the San Francisco screening alone, several viewers left the
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