‘Lincoln’ relives Abe’s legacy

If, in some deluded haze, you decided to read every biography of Abraham Lincoln, at a rate of one book per week, it would take you roughly 22 years to finish. As of February 2012, there have been approximately 15,000 books published about the beloved, accomplished and ultimately perplexing 16th
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‘A Late Quartet,’ a subtle melancholic build-up

The audience, on and off-screen, is introduced to a set of empty chairs. Musicians look uncomfortable as they step onstage. The scene cuts before they begin to play. Voila! Instant suspense. Director Yaron Zilberman’s drama “A Late Quartet” grapples with the medium of classical music. Like in “A Clockwork Orange,”
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Director Zemeckis talks new film ‘Flight’

It’s just pure coincidence that Robert Zemeckis’s last two live-action films have a plane-crash at the core of their stories. In “Cast Away” (2000), FedEx employee Chuck Noland’s life takes a harrowing turn after a plane crash strands him on an unpopulated island. In “Flight” (2012), airline pilot Whip Whitaker
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‘The Loneliest Planet’ explores tension through subtlety

Minimalism is the defining feature of director Julia Loktev’s third film, “The Loneliest Planet.” Dialogue is sparse at best, plot is almost nonexistent in terms of physical action and occurrences of musical soundtrack are few and far between, repeating the same arrangement of grating strings whenever it plays. Instead, it
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‘The Sessions’ too predictable, lacks depth

Mark O’Brien is a 38-year-old polio survivor who spends most of his time in an iron lung. With the help of his two affable caregivers, Vera and Rod, Mark seems to ameliorate the worst excesses of his affliction with good humor and perseverance. In the hyper-liberal Bay Area bubble in
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‘Matrix’ siblings warp time in ‘Cloud Atlas’

First catechism: Honor thy consumer.” Sonmi-451, a fast-food server at a glitzy, underground food court, utters the sacred phrase in Neo Seoul in the year 2144. It seems that directors Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski (sibling directors otherwise known as the Wachowski Starship) took this first catechism to
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‘Middle of Nowhere’ examines marital devotion

It’s always exciting to hear when a nonwhite actor is offered a role more substantial than the thankless supporting parts actors of color are usually saddled with. Even more exciting is when filmmakers take a chance on an unknown face to carry an entire film. The sad truth is that
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