Film documents a broken American promise

Idris Brewster and Seun Summers, two middle-class black kids, are about to enter Dalton School, one of the most prestigious prep schools in the nation. Dalton School provides a rigorous and ambitious program that prepares students for admission to elite colleges. The Dalton School’s vision for its students, like the
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USC student films featured in Berkeley Video and Film Festival

The Berkeley Video and Film Festival program’s weekend of 67 student films opened Friday in a night of excellent curatorial choices, pristine film innovation and a tragically empty theater. The five-and-a-half hour program opened with three films submitted by students from unspecified schools and the remaining twelve films were created
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‘Diana’ royally misses the mark

There is something quite tasteless about the mere existence of Oliver Hirshbiegal’s biopic “Diana.” With the Royal Wedding in 2011, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and the birth of Prince George in 2013, the release of “Diana” feels like an attempt to cash in on the media frenzy surrounding
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A film festival engendering female empowerment

The San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival features more than 20 films from across the South Asian subcontinent, the United States and Canada and includes independent films and classics as well as bigger-budget Bollywood films. With a penchant for inclusivity, this year’s theme is gender revolutions in the women’s
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