‘Battleship’ rehashes summer movie cliches

When “Transformers” arose from the bowels of the Hollywood movie machine — that shadowy place where production companies venture after having exhausted plot concepts — the end of creative action films seemed nigh. What next, an action film on Hot Wheels? (Possibly already done? See: “The Fast and the Furious”
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Linklater talks latest film, ‘Bernie’

Richard Linklater’s “Bernie” is a film about a peculiar man in way over his head. This man is Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), an honest member of the community whose desire to please everyone in the East Texas town of Carthage is his fatal flaw. A mortician whose interests also include
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This Week in Arts

Our lead writers bring you the latest and greatest in Bay Area arts and culture this week Film This week the Pacific Film Archive hosts four films by Michael Glawogger, an Austrian filmmaker who focuses on the plight of the working class amid an increasingly alienating global economy. Glawogger’s experimental
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‘Think Like a Man’ bores with cliches

Take gooey chick-flick sentiment and hackneyed relationship issues, cool the comedic content to PG-13 and you will have the listless film “Think Like a Man.” Pat Benatar’s song “Love is a Battlefield” reverberates throughout the plot, as a tight-knit group of 30 to 40-something men and their sexy girlfriends both
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