Scorched Earth

There is something about the American South, with its decaying social mores and weary livers, that we are inexplicably drawn to, like that dark and drawling stranger in the back of the bar, hidden by smoke. Perhaps it’s because we, too, have fallen on hard times, settled for banality and
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"Immortals" 2010

‘Immortals’ falls into action movie platitudes

A few times during the screening of “Immortals,” the audience would emit a collective awkward laugh, and not in response to a joke made by the stoic Henry Cavill, who plays the lead hero Theseus. Rather, certain attempts at melodrama would brush the surface of comedy, as when Freida Pinto’s virgin
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A Matter of Life and Death

Only a bulletproof glass window stands between Werner Herzog and Michael Perry, a 28-year-old death row inmate executed eight days after their interview. But Herzog, perhaps the most humane and methodical filmmaker of our time, is able to break the glass, to penetrate into the soul of a man who
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Private Eye

Clint Eastwood’s screen biography of iconic former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover falters in its depiction of its complex subject.

It seems like Clint Eastwood is bent on coming out with a new movie (or two) every fall. The darkened faces draped in heavy shadows seen throughout his films hint at the possibility of emotional grandeur. But as of late, with each over-hyped release an inescapable feeling of disappointment has
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