Private Eye

Clint Eastwood’s screen biography of iconic former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover falters in its depiction of its complex subject.

It seems like Clint Eastwood is bent on coming out with a new movie (or two) every fall. The darkened faces draped in heavy shadows seen throughout his films hint at the possibility of emotional grandeur. But as of late, with each over-hyped release an inescapable feeling of disappointment has
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The Final Hour

When Andrew Niccol christened “In Time” “‘Gattaca’ revisited,” my head filled with all sorts of fantasies about what a mind-bending concept, beautiful megastar cast, and Niccol’s script could do in 2011. With special effects and high-impact actors, the potential of sci-fi thrillers to suck in the viewer and create an
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Picture 1

Film ‘Anonymous’ succumbs to disaster

Director Roland Emmerich should be an expert in disaster movies by now. For over 10 years, he’s been the prophet of doom behind such apocalyptic hits as “Independence Day,” “The Day After Tomorrow” and that crowning homage to the end of times, “2012.” Only now, he’s moved away from future
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Subliminal messaging theories rehashed in trite documentary

Jeff Warrick’s “Programming the Nation?” tiresomely rehashes a potentially fascinating topic: subliminal messaging in mass media.  With an obvious left-wing bias and an overambitious scope — covering everything from subliminal techniques in advertising, film and music, to those in political propaganda and more — the film fails to provide any
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A Case of Mistaken Identity

A fog of dreams and delusions, light and dark, “Martha Marcy May Marlene” is a movie to go mad by. It is a decidedly anti-narrative mood piece, frustrating to navigate and, like the title, easy to trip up on. The first viewing, the pure experience, is hazy and tantalizing, and
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