French film on friends and fibbing disappoints

Many of us are envious of the French habit of taking five week long vacations. Fortunately, Guillaume Canet’s “Little White Lies,” will not only make you grateful of your two-week express holiday, it will give you a new appreciation the American  glut of Chevy Chase inspired vacation-themed movies. It’s no
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Meaty new film feeds off fright

A fast-food restaurant, with greasy grills and artery-clogging fare, seems an unlikely setting for a thriller. But for “Compliance,” the newest film from Magnolia Pictures, fast-food is of little concern. Screenings of “Compliance” have driven audience members from theaters in droves. At the San Francisco screening alone, several viewers left the
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Cronenberg film provokes and stirs

If there’s been an overriding theme in the films released this summer (and these past few years), it’s been the economy. Scenes regarding the increasing disparity between the rich and the poor, the vast waves of unemployment and the ineptitude of the government have infiltrated even the most seemingly shallow
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Film Title: The Bourne Legacy

‘Bourne’ franchise reboot bores

If a man fights off a hungry wolf with his bare hands in a movie, is there any possible way that movie could be boring? Before this, I would have voiced a strong “Hell no!,” but today I am a changed person. I have seen “The Bourne Legacy” and have
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thomas coughlan column mug

Custom Screening: Two days in Thom’s bed

Regular readers of this column may be surprised at how often my bed features as a location of movie viewing. Whether it’s in Hollywood, New York or Berkeley, I have an irresistible attraction to the hollow pallor of the computer screen as I skirt the embrace of Morpheus. If it
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