‘The Sessions’ too predictable, lacks depth

Mark O’Brien is a 38-year-old polio survivor who spends most of his time in an iron lung. With the help of his two affable caregivers, Vera and Rod, Mark seems to ameliorate the worst excesses of his affliction with good humor and perseverance. In the hyper-liberal Bay Area bubble in
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‘Matrix’ siblings warp time in ‘Cloud Atlas’

First catechism: Honor thy consumer.” Sonmi-451, a fast-food server at a glitzy, underground food court, utters the sacred phrase in Neo Seoul in the year 2144. It seems that directors Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski (sibling directors otherwise known as the Wachowski Starship) took this first catechism to
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‘Middle of Nowhere’ examines marital devotion

It’s always exciting to hear when a nonwhite actor is offered a role more substantial than the thankless supporting parts actors of color are usually saddled with. Even more exciting is when filmmakers take a chance on an unknown face to carry an entire film. The sad truth is that
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Winstead smashing in ‘Smashed’

“Smashed” is one of those movies that would sink right into a pile of the year’s misfires if it weren’t for a powerhouse lead performance anchoring it all the way through. The movie follows Kate, a jovial drinker and first-grade teacher, through her exacerbating alcoholism and her struggle to admit
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Documentary examines Oakland hospital

In the waiting room of Oakland’s Highland Hospital, there is much at stake.  Faces loom and hover, and almost always provoke.  Some are creased with lines of sorrow, others sag with fatigue, and a few glow with mirth.  This amalgam of emotions reflects what we undergo as we watch the
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New ‘Wuthering Heights’ raw, real

Year-round, a grim, cold, bleached-out rain finds the holes in the roof of the English farmhouse called Wuthering Heights. Its echoes are so loud and menacing that it almost silences the furtive characters that walk the moors of this latest adaptation of the famous 1847 novel. These characters trudge the
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‘Seven Psychopaths’ schizophrenic

There are approximately eight people shot in the head, three burned alive, two with slit throats and at least one former Bond girl ruthlessly killed via close-range gunshot to the stomach in writer/director Martin McDonagh’s new film, “Seven Psychopaths.”
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