Green Day_Frank Maddocks.Courtesy

Green Day thrills hometown crowd in UC Theatre performance

The line for Green Day’s performance at the recently refurbished UC Theatre on Thursday  stretched from the entrance, around the corner at Shattuck Avenue and then all the way to the Downtown Berkeley BART entrance. There’s nothing particularly interesting about that in and of itself; plenty of popular bands have
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The Fray_Aditi Raghunath.Staff

The Fray wrestles with identity at the Masonic

The Fray’s show at the Masonic on Oct. 18 was not only a celebration of its classic hits but a testing ground for its newest tracks; the resulting show was a mix of the lyrical theatrics of its past work, acoustic experimentation and rhythmic pop rock. The Fray, it seemed,
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Good Charlotte_Mitch Schneider Organization.Courtesy

Post hiatus, Good Charlotte returns livelier than ever

Nothing could have prepared Good Charlotte for the demands of fame. Brothers Benji and Joel Madden were always small-town Maryland kids at heart. Regardless, songs like “Anthem,” “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” and “Hold On” had become the angst-ridden yet paradoxically positive soundtrack for any of the dateless, picked-last-in-gym,
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Kishi Bashi_Joyful Noise Recordings.Courtesy

Reflections on ‘Sonderlust,’ a talk with Kishi Bashi

The definition of “cool” has changed and shifted often, but the recent times that it has included classical violin are relatively few and far between. Working to bring it back to the forefront of the music scene is experimental indie pop artist Kishi Bashi. Raised on classical and jazz music
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