Jamie xx delivers luscious sounds in debut album

A packed nightclub can be the loneliest place in the universe — a paradox that Jamie xx instinctively understands. As the producer and DJ has risen to prominence beyond his role as the behind-the-boards maestro for the xx, Jamie xx knows that his sold-out sets are packed with single hearts
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Blur’s new album creates immersive, musical wonderland

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Blur. The London-based rock band and Britpop pioneers released their first studio album in twelve years on April 27. The Magic Whip features the band’s original lineup, including Graham Coxon, who temporarily discontinued from Blur because of internal disputes. Conceived and
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Despite flaws, Passion Pit’s album ‘Kindred’ is full of spirit

In the band’s 2012 commercial and critical success Gossamer, Passion Pit hid a veritable conglomerate of dark themes — from depression to alcoholism to suicide — beneath the album’s caffeine-infused pop vibes and frontman Michael Angelakos’ falsetto vocals. Angelakos has since been fairly open about his struggle with bipolar disorder
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Harvard alumna Candice Hoyes dazzles listeners in new album

Candice Hoyes’ On a Turquoise Cloud begins with the familiar sound of Duke Ellington’s delicate jazz piano, performed by Adam Birnbaum. Subtle plucks of the bass emerge as bright clashes of cymbals splash into your ears. And just when you think you’re listening to an old recording of traditional Ellington
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