Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ could use a bit more beat

Madonna wants the world to remember that she’s Madonna. So her 13th album, Rebel Heart, released Friday, draws on all the glory of her Queen of Pop legacy but without any fresh creativity. Complete with hypersexual club beats and lyrics reflecting on her long career, Rebel Heart seems like a
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Lady Lamb finds her way home in sophomore album

It begins with an ode. Easy guitar strums accompany a lilting female voice as it pays homage to the artery that carries oxygen in red platelets from our hearts to our brains, to our faraway fingers and toes. It begins with an ode to the heart. It makes sense. Home
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‘What Happens Next’ is not great for Gang of Four

There are some bands that can survive after the disappearance of their lead singer, but Gang of Four is definitely not one of those bands. What Happens Next, the band’s newest record, is the first album without original lead singer Jon King, and with him completely eliminated from the picture,
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If you’re reading this, don’t buy Drake’s new album

Drake is a remarkable actor. Not for his stint on the emotive teen-soap “Degrassi,” mind you. In a now-iconic interview with a Miami radio station, Lebanese porn actress Mia Khalifa subtly hinted that rap’s resident simp lord slid into her Instagram direct messages with a reckless thirst and a “cringeworthy”
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