After 17 years, American Football returns with stagnant ‘LP2’

American Football American Football | Polyvinyl Record Co. Grade: C+
Polyvinyl Record Co./Courtesy
American Football American Football | Polyvinyl Record Co.
Grade: C+

Names may not be changed, and the same can be said for a “sad songs” image, suburban heartbreak, and gentle instrumentation. But an unruly commitment to retaining these tropes comes with a lack of sincerity and an unwillingness to improve. American Football is perhaps best known for their 1999 debut
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Jenny Hval Blood Bitch | Sacred Bones Records Grade: B-

Jenny Hval releases uncompromising, avant garde ‘Blood Bitch’

When it comes to experimental work, often it comes down to critics to determine for people at large what’s worthwhile and what isn’t. Interestingly, Norwegian musician Jenny Hval has been placed into the former category. American music publications have been vocal in their adoration of Hval’s complex experimental electronic punk-pop.
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AlunaGeorge I Remember | Island Grade: C+

AlunaGeorge struggle to find a new identity in ‘I Remember’

One-hit wonders are the most unfortunate byproduct of the pop industry. Either they fade to obscurity, disguise themselves in cult-classic acclaim or, worse yet, use everything but the kitchen sink in pursuit of another radio-ready bop. British pop duo AlunaGeorge — comprised of lead singer Aluna Francis and George Reid
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