Rihanna claps back with ‘Anti’

It’s been three years of RiRi wielding her middle finger in the air since the release of Unapologetic. Now, she’s dropped the last bomb with Anti. Releasing the album for free on online streaming service Tidal, Rihanna turned her back on pressure from labels, putting the focus on what is
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Wet treads cliched, familiar ground on debut album

There’s something about dream pop that never fails to make us feel so poignantly nostalgic. In Wet’s debut album, Don’t You, the Brooklyn-based band brings back those sentimental feelings without hesitation. Wet comprises three members, Joe Valle, Marty Sulkow and Kelly Zutrau, the latter of whom takes the lead as
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Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen drops free EP filled with silly pop-rap goodness

Entrepreneurship manifests itself in a myriad of ways. For UPenn graduate turned Google employee turned rapper Steven Markowitz, better known as Hoodie Allen, entrepreneurship involves gaining 714,000 followers on Twitter, a gang of loyal fans (his Hoodie Mob), and getting millions of hits on YouTube all without a record label.
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R. Kelly_RCArecords

R. Kelly’s ‘Buffet’ tastes unsavory, bland

Whether you have plans for the holidays or you don’t, you may or may not want to stop by The Buffet, a sonic smorgasbord only R. Kelly could deliver. With his 13th album, fans are bound to find satisfaction from ingenious lyrics, if nothing else. The album kicks off with
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