Despite tardiness, Migos cook Warfield in crockpot

Migos — a rap trio composed of the North Atlanta natives Quavo, Takeoff and Offset — has been often characterized, superficially, as an eccentric trap side-show in the rap game: unessential, but good at cranking out earworms branded with its unique triplet-laced flow and odd lines such as “Auntie Eva, she
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Angel Olsen revels in post-Valentine’s Day Fillmore show

If there were any such thing as a perfect post-Valentine’s Day venue for the likes of Angel Olsen, it would have to be The Fillmore. Incandescent aquamarine fog slithered on stage, out above the expectant crowd waiting for Angel Olsen to perform last Wednesday, and past the macabre, flickering chandeliers
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Tove Lo performs her sexuality at Fox Theater

Tove Lo is undeniably a pop artist. Lyrical specificity may have ushered her into the spotlight, but Wednesday night at the Fox, she let the sound and show of her albums take over in a true celebration of the abstraction in pop music. Poppiness oozed from every decision she made,
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Jorja Smith steals hearts of San Francisco

The barely legal crowd members impatiently stomped their Stan Smiths during the latter half of the two-hour DJ set, awaiting Jorja Smith’s entrance. The venue that once had enough room for fans to dance along to opener Aaron Axelsen’s impressive selections suddenly condensed into a sold-out crowd of bodies packing
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Never ‘Alone’ again with Marshmello

Last Saturday night in San Francisco, it was impossible to look in any direction without seeing the same curious costume: an enigmatic figure completely covered head to toe in white with an equally white bucket on his head. Painted on the bucket were two black “x”s where the eyes should’ve
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