Tame Impala: Lonerism

The band’s debut LP, Innerspeaker, showcased Parker’s eerily Lennon-like vocals as well as his ability to craft songs resembling those of legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd not only in terms of style but also quality. However, his group’s latest effort, Lonerism, tends to highlight dense layers of synths atop the formerly prevalent effects-driven guitars, yielding a unique if not improved result.
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Jan Flatley-Feldman/Staff

Amon Tobin dazzles musically, visually at Greek Theatre

A first listen to Brazilian electronic artist Amon Tobin’s latest album ISAM: Control Over Nature (Ninja Tune), released a little over a year ago, may have resulted in confusion for some. The disjointed electronic sounds created by Tobin were more comparable to scary bedtime stories than enjoyable music. But fast-forward
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Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier on their danceable new album and undefinable sound

Widely known for reinventing themselves with every new record, San Francisco’s Deerhoof continues to merge the far-flung and the unexpected in their new album Breakup Song, which they describe as “Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music.” Now well into their 11th album, Deerhoof occupies the curious space of a big-name band within a
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Green Day: ¡Uno!

Eight years ago, Green Day exploded from near-obscurity after their post-Dookie decline to rockstar superstardom following the release of the now Broadway-approved political epic American Idiot. Since then, and for most of their career, the East Bay natives have faced criticism for selling out their punk appeal to major-label record
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Pink: The Truth About Love

Pop’s self-proclaimed punk princess/perpetual party-girl has released her latest album, The Truth About Love, at a point in her life when she should be best qualified to remark on the subject with the eyes of a seasoned veteran. Whereas her previous album, Funhouse, was a post breakup, revenge-fueled swing at
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Grizzly Bear: Shields

There’s an “Indie Class of 2009” reunion this year, and Grizzly Bear just arrived fashionably late (with an emphasis on the “fashionably” part). The bands that owned the “campus” three years ago —  Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, The xx and Grizzly Bear — have all released new records in 2012,
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Carly Rae Jepsen Kiss album

Carly Rae Jepsen: Kiss

There are times in pop music when a song takes on a life of its own and becomes bigger than the artist who performed it.  The smash hit of the summer, “Call Me Maybe,” is such a song. It has grown into a phenomenon, sparking countless YouTube parodies and entering
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