Silversun Pickups at Live 105's BFD in Mountain View (Danielle Lee/Staff)

Photo Gallery: Live 105’s BFD festival

Live 105’s annual music festival,  Big Fucking Day (BFD), rocked audiences this weekend. This gallery includes bands that performed on Saturday June 2: Imagine Dragons, Geographer, Grouplove, Of Monsters and Men, A B & the Sea, Silversun Pickups and Neon Trees.


Curren$y: The Stoned Immaculate

Jim Morrison is dead. Fucking sad, but true. Though, when he did ‘break on through’ to the other side in 1971 in that bathtub in Paris, Morrison left an indelible mark on music, pop culture and so on and so on, despite the fact that The Doors are consistently, and
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Rebecca Ferguson: Heaven

Rebecca Ferguson may have finished second on the seventh season of The X Factor UK back in 2010, but her debut album, Heaven, is first rate. The Liverpool native released Heaven in the UK in December of 2011 to great commercial and critical success, going platinum in both the United
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The Walkmen: Heaven

You can always count on the Walkmen to consistently deliver incredible albums. While the quality of their music has never changed, the mood of the band has certainly evolved over the past decade. Heaven is calm and pensive, with nothing that resembles the fiery angst of their 2004 hit, “The
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Regina Spektor: What We Saw from the Cheap Seats

When Regina Spektor composes lyrics, she doesn’t write them down. This can be a problem; lyrics slip through the cracks of memory like change between couch cushions. What she does manage to get down into a song, however, tends to be memorable, a sweet bit of candy for the ears.
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Sigur Ros: Valtari

Valtari, the sixth album from the Icelandic experimental pop quartet Sigur Ros doesn’t play with the formula that had served them well for 13 years. With generous helpings of their signature slow building melodies gloriously reimagined in tracks like “Ekki Mukk” and “Fjogur Piano” and enough falsetto to make Chris
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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Here

With a band name like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, it was hardly surprising when their 2009 album, Up From Below became something of an anthem for hipsters the world over. Three years later, the band’s follow-up album, Here, moves into new territory without totally forsaking the folksy kitch
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Ashley Chen/Staff

Best Coast surfs into Oakland’s Fox Theater

When Best Coast’s frontwoman Bethany Cosentino waltzed up center stage, dirty blonde ringlets a flux and fashioning an adorable scalloped white romper, it was hard not to swoon. Oakland’s Fox Theater swarmed with young people who had just finished the last long days of the semester, brimming with anticipation for
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