Release the Sunbird: COME BACK TO US

Duet records are generally a mix of cheap love songs and tired ballads. Thankfully, Release the Sunbird have come to give the genre a fresh overhaul with their debut record, Come Back to Us. Led by the Bay Area’s Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave fame, his latest project brims with
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Portugal. The Man exhilirates at Rickshaw

The walls of San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop throbbed last Thursday night, stretching like a membranous cell wall to accommodate the radiating energy of the pulsating nucleus within. West coasters White Arrows and Portugal. The Man played to an airtight crowd in the shoebox venue, (enticing) polarized bodies to bump ‘n
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Bay Area native Zach Rogue talks new band and sound

With the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which acts to see. Some concert-goers have a strict agenda, others just go with the flow depending on what their ears pick up. If you’re down to relax and hear some soul-easing
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Washed Out

Washed Out defy expectations of chillwave at GAMH

There is no doubt that the electronic genre is quickly infiltrating the music industry. With artists both well-known and obscure jumping on the bandwagon and dropping synths left and right, it is all too easy to cast this style off as a mere trend rather than a long-time influence. Once
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Cali Swag District: THE KICKBACK

Party rap acts are a dime a dozen these days. Without a fresh flow, creative beats or some sort of gimmick, it’s hard for an artist to stand out in a sea of Ke$ha and Lil’ Wayne knock-offs. For Inglewood’s Cali Swag District, this gimmick was undoubtedly their resident dancer
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After many delays and — as Chuck Inglish put it — some time in “record label jail,” the Cool Kids have finally released their debut studio album, When Fish Ride Bicycles. The hip-hop duo of Inglish and Mikey Rocks have laid down their beats and raps, and the result is…good.
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Parson Red Heads display fiery energy in New Parish

Cheers and beers were all around at the New Parish Thursday night, as the Parson Red Heads and Alela Diane & Wild Divine coerced concert goers into a rip-roaring premature weekend bash. Unadulterated joy poured forth onto the streets of Oakland from the groovy hub of swaying limbs and carefree
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Digitalism: I LOVE YOU, DUDE

As the electronic music scene continues to explode into just about every other genre, it’s hard to imagine that it has any naysayers left. But if it does, Digitalism’s latest effort I Love You, Dude is sure to convert them. The German DJ duo employs heavy bass lines, unplugged vocals,
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Spoken word and keyboards are a combo made in nap heaven. Whether you’re tired from a long day at the office or catching up on some z’s in between exams, everyone could use some relaxing, subtle music to nod off to. English producer-extraordinaire Brian Eno’s latest record, Drums Between the
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