Gene Wilder_Willow Yang_Senior Staff

Gene Wilder: Remembering the wild ride

Once again, 2016 has lost an artist talented in every sense of the word. Gene Wilder was a comedic genius. From “Blazing Saddles” to “Young Frankenstein” to his Oscar-nominated role in “The Producers,” Wilder was as perfectly timed hitting all the comedic notes as Beethoven was the musical ones. So
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Maya Angelou: remembering the caged bird’s song

It was in a seventh-grade classroom in South Central Los Angeles that I was first introduced to Maya Angelou. I still remember how the words constructed lyrical melodies that bounced like notes, luring the reader to read it as a dance. Every piece of Angelou’s work carries a certain rhythm
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In Memoriam: Andrew Latherow

“Wise.” “Incredibly talented.” “Genuine.” “Determined.”  “Best hugger ever.” This was Andrew Latherow, as his friends saw him. Andrew was that goof who would just bust a move on the dance floor. He was the undercover guitar virtuoso. He was the one with the eyebrows of a god and could use
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