Aurora Theatre play stages emotional revolution

It would be difficult to watch such a performance without applying such strong feelings of pride, comfort, loss and guilt to one’s own life and relationships. Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre presents Amy Herzog’s “After the Revolution” as a piece of intimacy and availability, history and relevance — a two-hour investigation of the vulnerability and strength of familial relationships.
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Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ a psychedelic synthesis

Five albums in, and British indie-rockers Arctic Monkeys have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the most consistently creative and genre-defining bands of the last decade. The Sheffield lads burst onto the music scene in 2005 with their debut single, “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor,” and have
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Grace Lovio’s Picks of the Week

“The Family” Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer co-star in an English-language French film about an American mafia family who, after snitching, moves to France under the witness-protection program. Hijinks ensue as the family struggles to control old habits and maintain cover. This cross between “The Sopranos” and the Olsen
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Small screen has big impact on LGBT

In 2008, the people of California failed the state’s LGBT couples. In 2012, three states passed referendums to legalize gay marriage, the majority of the country supported gay rights and the Supreme Court made landmark rulings in favor of our LGBT community. What happened in the span of four years
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“Divekick” is two-button tribute to classic fighting games

Fighting games have notoriously hard learning curves. Unless you and a friend are willing to spend time learning complicated systems, mastering perfectly-timed button combinations and constantly practicing against  one another for weeks, most fighting game matches devolve into button-mashing and hoping that cool moves happen randomly. But “Divekick” removes all
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Exhibit shows haunting shots of photographer’s life

“I am the flower, but I am also the thorn,” said 20th-century nature photographer Rose Mandel. This dualistic and prolific statement is just one of the many insights into the complex mind of the Polish-born Mandel (1910-2002), whose series of photographs titled “The Errand of the Eye” is currently being
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