‘The Help’ displays an unfocused and shallow effort

With her trademark ginger locks and deep, throaty voice, Emma Stone is a refreshing revelation on screen. Since her debut in the now comedy classic, “Superbad,” Stone has carved a bustling, fledgling career out of her ability to be both accessibly amusing and extraordinarily elegant. She’s the whole package. Seductive
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Jesse Eisenberg,Aziz Ansari

“30 Minutes or Less” fails to make an impact

Characterized by a surprisingly short running time and an abundance of cheap gags, “30 Minutes or Less” continues the streak of mediocre summer movies that may fare well with more forgiving moviegoers. As an R-rated buddy comedy with a solid cast, “30 Minutes or Less” has the potential of appealing
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Detour: Transformers: Home is Where the House Is

I spent my last week before leaving the U.S. at my parents’ homes. Nestled between the harried months preceding graduation and the summer abroad that lay ahead, that week was lost to the domestic doldrums. The great organ that was undergraduate life had just let go its death belch, and
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release the sunbird color-10

Release the Sunbird serenades with soothing sounds

The Thursday night crowd at San Francisco’s Swedish American Music Hall was littered with disgruntled faces of middle-aged nine-to-fivers trying desperately to make it through the work week. Everybody was hoping that Zach Rogue’s new project Release the Sunbird would provide that last surge of strength for the Friday ahead.
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A Post-July Future

There was something so Miranda July-esque in learning that I’d only have 20 minutes to interview Miranda July, and that I’d be sharing those 20 minutes with another person. But … why? I thought. I’m so close. I was reminded of a moment in her debut film “Me and You
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Joss Stone: LP1

Don’t be fooled by the nose ring on the cover of Joss Stone’s fifth studio release, LP1. There’s nothing remotely rebellious about the soulful singer’s new album. All the rebellion of the British neo-soul niche seems to have passed along with Amy Winehouse. That’s not to say there’s no life
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Detour: Rails Over All

There is no finer form of transportation than the train. Forgetting bacterial reports on BART and the stench of commuters on the subway, traveling across a country by train is a luxury that can’t be imitated. There is an elegance, an easy straightforwardness, as well as an incredible perspective afforded
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Fountains of Wayne: SKY FULL OF HOLES

Sky Full of Holes is Fountains of Wayne’s fifth studio album. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. It seems that this New York-based alt. rock group was destined to be a one-hit wonder, fading into childhood nostalgia as the only song we can remember is “Stacy’s Mom” — you know,
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