Cat Fancies: The truthiness of art

Memory can never be entirely accurate. The further you progress into the future, the more you mentally leave behind. The identity of your past self is buried under your current identity, like how the width of my past thighs is buried under the width of my current thighs. And I
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Jazz Hands: Chucho Valdes reflects on his place among his jazz predecessors

For the uninitiated: Jazz, though underpinned by a malleable lattice of chords and rhythms, relies heavily on improvisation and invention. But originality is not always the prerequisite for inspiration. Often, performers call upon the genius of their forebears and insert snippets of past work into their performance. “Those are invoked,”
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART As a center for innovation, renewable energy solutions, art and communal education, Oakland seems like the perfect home base for nonprofit organization Kinetic Steam Works. Since 2005, it has worked to preserve steam power heritage, presenting art and performance pieces to the public, highlighting the merits of this
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Jay DeFeo, After Image, 1970, graphite, gouache, and transparent synthetic polymer on paper with cut-and-torn tracing paper; The Menil Collection, Houston; gift of Glenn Fukushima; © 2012 The Jay DeFeo Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, photo: by Paul Hester

SFMOMA shows diverse work of UC Berkeley alum Jay DeFeo

The tall canvas of “The Rose” is smothered in thick, textured oil paint that crafts a mesmerizing 3-D effect while employing rich black and white color tones that depict the spreading petals of a rose and signify the thematic balance between darkness and light. One of the largest-scale paintings present
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Vonnegut’s idiosyncrasies revealed in letter compilation

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. never wrote an autobiography — his story is in his works, woven into the irony-filled science fiction that he’s known for. He never wrote a singular personal account perhaps because the category would be too constricting and the self-reflection too painful. Right before his sudden death in
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‘A Late Quartet,’ a subtle melancholic build-up

The audience, on and off-screen, is introduced to a set of empty chairs. Musicians look uncomfortable as they step onstage. The scene cuts before they begin to play. Voila! Instant suspense. Director Yaron Zilberman’s drama “A Late Quartet” grapples with the medium of classical music. Like in “A Clockwork Orange,”
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Talking with Bay Area rapper G-Eazy

Outside the Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco on Sunday night, the streets went wild with the news of the Giants’ World Series win. Inside, the energy (and the crowd) was just as high when Bay Area-born rapper and producer, G-Eazy, stopped by as part of his nationwide
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‘Bad Dads’ features art based on Anderson films

There are two major Wes Anderson camps — either you’ve never heard of the guy, or you eat his movies up like deliciously twee vegan crepes. Building on his signature style of picturesquely framed scenes, dry humor and hopelessly dysfunctional families, Anderson has cropped up quite the following, especially apparent
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