Van Heijningen takes a stab at ‘The Thing’

This “Thing” has survived three cinematic reincarnations, and there could be more I don’t know about. What begins as the short story “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr. becomes “The Thing From Another World” (1951), which is B-horror bliss. Then John Carpenter directs “The Thing” (1982), with that
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Bill Cain’s play fictionalizes author’s family relationships

Peter, Paul, Mary…and Bill? Almost your typical cast of a Biblical saga, these characters are not actually the personalities you’d find in either the New or Old Testament. As seen in Steinberg Award-winning playwright Bill Cain’s newest, autobiographical work, “How to Write a New Book for the Bible,” the cast
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The Bright Side

Colors erupting onto train cars and empty walls fill in his block letters, boldly pushing the words beyond the two-dimensional surface. This daring image identifies Optimist as the Bay Area-based tagger, painter, writer, graffiti artist. But last Saturday, October 8th, he tamed his after-hours wild style, moving his art indoors,
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Doors of Perception

Celebrated contemporary cartoonist and UC Berkeley alumnus Adrian Tomine maintains a headstrong approach to the art form.

A timid artist in black-rimmed glasses sits behind a too-high display case in a comic book store. An untouched stack of paperback comics sits shyly next to him as he tries to explain to the shop’s only customer that he’s not printing “floppies” because he wants to be different — he
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TV Land: AMC knows drama

“What’s happened?” It’s a good question to ask in regards to any TV show. What’s happened? Where is this show going? Why did I just find my remote in the freezer next to the mozzarella sticks? They’re all important inquiries with equally vital answers. Save that last question. All you
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Ensemble dazzles with visions of violence based on ancient Khmer tale

A spectacle of vibrant costumes and poised hand gestures, Khmer Arts Ensemble’s “The Lives of Giants” at Zellerbach Hall is entrancing to behold. The minimalist set, comprised of a bluish-green backdrop with lily pad silhouettes, allowed the dancers’ colorful clothing to dominate the visuals. Most of the cast is garbed
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Alternative Press Expo 2011

You won’t find many superheroes at the Alternative Press Expo, a yearly comic book convention in San Francisco. And if you do, they’re probably not the sort that the city deserves — big publishers don’t show up to showcase the latest Batman or Superman offerings, nor would you see much
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The Metamorphosis

Bjork: Biophilia

Biophilia is not easy listening. The Icelandic singer and electronic composer has outdone herself on her eighth album, and the end product is brilliant but also intense. Since her debut in 1992, Bjork has conjured a reputation for pushing the envelope and pioneering new experimental sounds. But not even the remixed
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