Cloud Cult: Love

“Environmentally friendly” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an alternative rock band. However, that is the main driving force behind Cloud Cult, an extraordinary eight-member experimental “chamber rock” group.
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Tokyo drama plot drags

‘Like Someone in Love’ feels incomplete yet is compelling

What do you get when you cross an Iranian filmmaker, French co-producers and an all-Japanese cast? Thankfully, it’s not a punchline, but it’s not exactly a tour de force either.
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Angela Davis gives book talk in Oakland

What is the meaning of freedom? Angela Davis has devoted her life to the exploration of this question and to combating all forms of oppression that deny people their freedom based on race, gender, class or sexual orientation.
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UC Berkeley students revel in victory in StarCraft tourney

The most popular games in the eSports circuit are reliant on complex strategies, mixing precise micro-management skills with ridiculous amounts of tactics. Within each match is a battle that is determined by cleverness, multitasking skills and reading your opponent, and the result is an experience that mixes the bluffing style of poker, the balance of chess and the dynamism of football.
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Addy Bhasin’s Picks of the Week

“Paul Klee’s Circus” at SFMOMA A selection of prints and drawings by Expressionist artist Paul Klee will spend its last two days at SFMOMA this weekend. If you’re into abstract sketches of clowns and acrobats (or if you don’t know it yet), bid adieu to the series of circus-inspired drawings
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