It’s a shame that the “Twilight” movies completely blow, because their soundtracks continually prove themselves as outstanding anthologies of contemporary music. In particular, their inclusion of New York-based Battles stands above the rest. Fusing the more calculated, science-chic sounds of prog or electronica with a more hard-edged rock, Battles’ first
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The Postelles bring cheery tunes in their debut album

This New York-bred band attract listeners with their '60s boy band sound and will be performing at Rickshaw Stop on 6/23

Reviving the sound of the music industry’s innocent beginnings, the Postelles delight ears with their jaunty guitar riffs and hand-clapping beats. This New York-based group harbor a particular fondness for the good ol’ bubblegum pop of ’60s, a liking that becomes quite apparent within a few seconds of blasting their
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Golden Gays and Disco Days

Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” delights San Francisco audiences with a rollicking portrait of their city in 1976

In the heart of San Francisco, American Conservatory Theater gives us “Tales of the City”, a new musical based on Armistead Maupin’s newspaper-column-turned-novel-series of San Francisco’s stories and personalities. Directed by Jason Moore, “Tales of the City” is a musical that is part funny, part touching, part raunchy and part
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Cal Shakes’ “Titus Andronicus” is a bloody good show

For the first time in California Shakespeare Theater’s 38-years of outdoor culture-ification, the company that cool kids call “Cal Shakes” presents us with a production of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus”, directed by Joel Sass. It’s a bloody and vengeful affair, entertaining although perhaps not appropriate for children or those adverse to
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“Super 8” brims with hackneyed plot lines and cliches

After much viral hype and speculation, the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg alien epic “Super 8” has now landed in theaters. With a similar setup that Abrams used in “Cloverfield,” the film depicts a mystery-shrouded, violent alien and its encounters with Earth’s inhabitants. The story centers around a group of
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Detour: No Man’s Land

In 2009, Heathrow airport in London instated a “writer in residence”. Alain de Botton, a writer of philosophically-flavored texts on the everyday including “The Art of Travel” (2002), was allowed total access to all crannies of the airport, and encouraged to speak to anyone he encountered. It is an incredible
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Cults: CULTS

Just when you think that you’ve heard all there is to hear in the realm of experimental music, newcomers Cults emerge on the scene. Captivating ears with their ragged blend of girlish vocals and action-packed backings, Cults deliver one of the year’s most promising listens with their self-titled debut. Their
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Beyond the Sitcom Schtick

In the recent summer months, in between the gratuitous shots of vampire and werewolves (now, faeries?!) on “True Blood” and science-fiction frenzy of “Doctor Who,” a curious thought trickled through my hazy brain: these shows are better than movies. Perhaps not better, but at least on par, and this struck
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