TV Land: The young and the restless

There’s no use avoiding the main television event of this week. Clay Aiken had his hand up a puppet’s ass on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and everybody was talking about it. No they weren’t. Who am I kidding? Everybody was (is) talking, texting, telegraphing and carrier pigeon messaging about Lena Dunham’s
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Aurora Theatre’s ‘Anatol’ portrays playboy affectingly

Set in Vienna in the late 19th century, “Anatol” follows the romantic dalliances of the namesake protagonist, an aging Austrian playboy in constant search of female affection. The play is an episodic depiction of Anatol’s many interrelated affairs, each depicting him simultaneously deluding and distrusting himself with his women. Originally
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‘The Aliens’ at S.F. Playhouse explores bohemian youth culture

The S.F. Playhouse’s quaint 100-seat theater is the perfect setting for Annie Baker’s Obie-winning “The Aliens,” which takes place on a shabby back porch behind a coffee shop in a small town in Vermont. Confined by mismatched fence posts, two grizzly 30-somethings, KJ (Haynes Thigpen) and Jasper (Peter O’Connor), try
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This Week in Arts

Visual Art: Cal Day is approaching, and Saturday’s flurry of events will offer art lovers unexpected opportunities for special tours, exhibitions and demonstrations. These art-related events are not just for bright-eyed future Cal bears and their parents, but are also offered to the general public. At Free Speech Movement Cafe,
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‘Damsels’ fail to appeal to college crowd

Indie writer-director Whit Stillman returns after a 14-year absence from filmmaking with his new off-kilter comedy, “Damsels in Distress.” Like the Manhattan townhouses in “Metropolitan” (1990), an isolated setting provides much of the content for this movie. In “Damsels”, it’s Seven Oaks College where a quartet of beautiful girls set
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