wavves afraid of heights courtesy mom and pop music

Wavves: Afraid of Heights

Recent articles in music publications have decried the state of indie rock, declaring that is has gone “soft” and become too “wimpy.” While these sentiments may be extreme, it’s true that indie has trended less toward the rock ‘n’ roll of Pavement or the White Stripes and more toward the
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lil wayne album cover iamnot courtesy Republic Records

Lil Wayne: I Am Not A Human Being II

There’s the essential canon of Lil Wayne’s extensive discography, and then there’s I Am Not A Human Being II. With his incredible music run in the second half of the last decade, Lil Wayne fulfilled his personal quest to become one of rap’s greats. The next few years found Wayne
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Leica book pays homage to cameras

The Leica is “a sensitive creature,” an optical extension of the eye, a weapon of war, a paintbrush in the hand of an artist. Leica “condensed time and recorded things that were inexpressible… Leica means seeing more.” Debuted in 1925, the Leica has always been known for its unobtrusiveness and
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Ben Rimalower self-discovers in ‘Patti Issues’

UC Berkeley alumnus returns with moving monologue

If you know Patti Lupone, you know she’s not someone to be messed with. For more than 30 years, this diva has ruled Broadway with an iron-clad grasp and a voice that says, “Fuck you, I’m amazing,” with every soaring note. Even as a child, Ben Rimalower could sense this
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JamStik modernizes guitar-playing for the smartphone age

“Guitar technology really stops in the 1950s,” according to Zivix music product specialist Chris Heille. “Guitars have basically been stuck, (with guitar players) relegated to one set of sound and expression. We want to give them another tool.” Zivix’s new JamStik sets out to expand the horizons of guitar-playing in
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Ben Rimalower -- PATTI ISSUES -- PHOTO 3 -- by Christian Coulson-1

BareStage founder returns to campus with one-man show

UC Berkeley alum and founding Artistic Director of BareStage Productions Ben Rimalower will be stopping by Berkeley next week for his original show, “Patti Issues” — a deeply personal monologue about the hardship of family, the majesty of musical theater and the power of Broadway extraordinaire Patti Lupone. The Daily
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