“Let Me Down Easy” blends the political with pathos

When Anna Deavere Smith walks into a room, you shut up and listen. Not due to any force, but only out of sheer seduction. Physically, she intimidates and enthralls with her command of the stage. Emotionally, she wrests control over both our tears and our laughter. And, intellectually, there is
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Full Throttle

It’s already become redundant to say that Pixar exhibits the gold standard in terms of animation. Over the past 25 years, the Emeryville-based studio has earned 26 Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes and the universal admiration of children and adults alike. They’ve managed to maintain a winning formula that combines
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Detour: Pilsner and Prejudice

The Danish brewing company Carlsberg introduced earlier this year a new beer called “Copenhagen 56°N.” The beer is a German pilsner, with a light yellow hue and a taste like champagne from a rotting juice box. The beer has been marketed as relentlessly hip ― an alcoholic accessory to a
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Meat Puppets delivers raw sounds and tasty chops

Legendary cowpunk outfit The Meat Puppets brought their incendiary show to the Independent in San Francisco on Friday, June 17th. Marrying country, folk, punk and alt-rock to Les Paul cock rock, the Meat Puppets concocted an eclectic and expansive sound. Playing in a beautiful theater, the subdued lighting and smokey
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Bon Iver: BON IVER

Bon Iver, founded by vocalist and mastermind Justin Vernon, has issued their big statement with their latest, Bon Iver. Coming in with stuttering electric guitar and military drums, “Perth” opens Bon Iver as a cinematic statement. It’s an album looking to push Bon Iver to Radiohead importance. With the songs
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Matt Nathanson: THIS MODERN LOVE

Call me a cynic but I tend to shy away from saccharine, fun-sized pop hits. You know, those tracks that fill up radio airwaves with their juvenile rhymes, overuse of “baby”s and “your lips”s and disgustingly generic chords. But surprisingly, I found myself warming up to Matt Nathanson’s Modern Love,
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Strangeness and Charm

The moon was near full on the starry night of Sunday, June 12. Luminous and imposing, it became a portent of the otherworldly night ahead. As the sun waned ahead the Greek Theater, mills of people, young and old, emerged from the woodwork. A mysterious scent permeated the air, herbal
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