American Conservatory Theater’s Samuel Beckett showcase intrigues

American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco is paying homage to modernist master Samuel Beckett. In a single bill, the A.C.T. has joined “Play,” one of Beckett’s rarely performed one-acts, with “Endgame,” Beckett’s 1957 work written in the absurdist style. “Play” is Beckett’s illustration of a love triangle, drawn using minimal
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thomas coughlan column mug

Custom Screening: Notes from a mad ad man

I must confess that until this summer — when I was lucky enough to spend three nights in a hotel — I had not watched an entire TV program on an actual television in America.In February, I managed to squeeze in the last half hour of the Super Bowl. I’m
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New Diplomat (Gracie Malley/Staff)

Diverse set of SF bands rock Rickshaw Stop

If there was one thing all four bands had in common at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco last Saturday night, it was that they were loud. Regardless of each of their distinctive sounds, the Rickshaw Stop’s blaring PA had the crowd dancing and swaying to DJ Aaron Axelsen in-between
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‘Hysteria’ remains largely unsatisfying

The sexuality of women has been a trope of storytelling, medical science and entertainment since the times of Ancient Greece when Hippocrates first defined “hysteria” as a disorder of the wandering womb. Up until 1952, in fact, the condition was largely thought to plague nearly all women with symptoms the
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Summer Preview 2012

Let’s be honest. Last summer was a sore disappointment. Out of the many blockbusters to be released — “Thor,”  “X-Men: First Class” and the laughably awful “Green Lantern” — no film stood out as the centerpiece of the summer season (except maybe “Harry Potter”). There was no “Inception” or “Dark
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‘Battleship’ rehashes summer movie cliches

When “Transformers” arose from the bowels of the Hollywood movie machine — that shadowy place where production companies venture after having exhausted plot concepts — the end of creative action films seemed nigh. What next, an action film on Hot Wheels? (Possibly already done? See: “The Fast and the Furious”
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Best Coast: The Only Place

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno of Best Coast, the surf pop outfit from Los Angeles, return with their sophomore LP The Only Place. Since the release of their debut album, 2010’s Crazy For You, Best Coast has toured extensively, supported Planned Parenthood, advertised for Converse, shot a music video directed
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