Imperial Teen: Feel the Sound

After five years since their last studio release, local pop-rockers Imperial Teen have come back with full, bubbly fury. Whether you’ve been a fan since the ’90s, or have just discovered the eccentric group, Feel the Sound will draw you in with its catchy guitar riffs and the pop-glossed vocals
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Influential Abstract Expressionists shown at Berkeley Art Museum

Although museums can only show a tiny percentage of their collection at any given time, to hide away your de Kooning, Rothko and Pollock somehow seems criminal. In the Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibit, “Abstract Expressionisms: Paintings and Drawings from the Collection,” the museum brings out some of its most impressive
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Nick Drake Rickshaw Stop

New Moon: Bay Area musicians collaborate in Nick Drake tribute

Nick Drake’s ability to find a simplistic beauty that eminated a true sense of purity is what sets him apart from other folk artists. His last album Pink Moon is the unexpected and melancholically beautiful offspring of Nick Drake’s final years of depression and self-imposed isolation. His musical work acts
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TV Land: Broadway or bust

You’ll have to excuse my writing partner, Sir Lester Butterfill XXIX, for the time being. He’s been called away on business of a most secure and delicate nature. The only facts I could glean regarding it were the words “apocalypse” and “Bono’s sunglasses are missing.” It sounds pretty serious. But
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Erotic content disturbs in ‘Sleeping Beauty’

You won’t see a bewitched princess, rosy-cheeked and slumbering away in a castle to await her prince in Julia Leigh’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Instead, Leigh’s chilling arthouse film presents the heroine as Lucy (Emily Browning), a college student strapped for cash. Lucy works a variety of odd jobs, one of which
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The Internet: Purple Naked Ladies

As ambient hip-hop continues to rise out of uncharted wavelengths and into a popular genre of its own, The Internet serve as a prime example of this recent uprising. With their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, the digital duo have tastefully combined hip-hop and soul in a soothing record —
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First Aid Kit: The Lion’s Roar

Out of the Scandinavian woodlands comes a true-blue American country album from Swedish sister singer-songwriters First Aid Kit. The young Johanna and Klara Soderberg hail from Stockholm, but recorded their sophomore effort, The Lion’s Roar, in Omaha, Nebraska. The change of scenery marks not a stylistic departure, but a richer
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