Bombay Bicycle Club: A Different Kind of Fix

At last, an indie band has got it right. Considering all the monotonous droning one must sift through in the current indie scene (which has degenerated into banality), it’s good to know that there’s a group capable of capturing real emotions within a characteristically indie sound. With their third studio
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big pink

The Big Pink: Future This

You might have heard of The Big Pink from the catchy single “Dominos” off of their first album, A Brief History of Love. This track had a brief surge of mainstream attention when it was sampled in Nicki Minaj’s “Girls Fall Like Dominoes,” and, like most of this British duo’s
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TV Land: Season Two (Bigger, badder and uncut)

Previously on “TV Land,” the continuing saga of last semester’s arts column had reached its dramatic conclusion. Our protagonist, Jessica Pena, had gone from a fresh-faced upstart to the worst possible level of humanity — someone who openly admitted to liking “The O.C.” Times were bleak, conditions were perilous. “Community”
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Comedian Patton Oswalt tackles his most honest role yet

He’s a proclaimed atheist, pop culture enthusiast and voice actor dabble-ist (from “The Fairly OddParents” to the lead role of Remy in “Ratatouille”). He’s known for his role as Star Trek-nerd, Spence in “The King of Queens” and most significantly known for his flourishing stand-up career. Ladies and gentlemen, this
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Top 10 Films of the Year

10. “Jane Eyre” A girl stumbles across the wild and stormy moors, gasping for breath. This is pretty much a requisite scene in all adaptations of “Jane Eyre,” but rarely are we thrown into it in the first few minutes of film, as in this latest interpretation from Cary Fukunaga.
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Top 10 Albums of the Year

10. Childish Gambino: Camp Childish Gambino is the perfect name for comedian Donald Glover’s hip-hop alter ego. With his debut album, Camp, Glover seamlessly melds the innocent whimsy of childhood with a harder, personal edge. As a writer for “30 Rock” and an actor on NBC’s “Community,” Glover has already
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A legacy of political art on campus

A seed was planted in front of Sproul Hall on November 9 by a few students and their ill-placed tents.  That seed has sprouted.  Spring has come early.  The roots of the Occupy Cal movement grow in the ripples of the Internet, in the rhetoric of the classroom, in the hallowed
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Oakland-based duo conjures beats of activism

Although it’s been a year since their last studio collaboration as Street Sweeper Social Club, Tom Morello and Boots Riley have both been two of the most politically active musicians in the past few years. While SSSC mixed in slick, playful raps with socially conscious lyrics, Morello and Riley have
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