‘Breakfast with Mugabe’ explores themes that aren’t a piece of cake

Breakfast with Mugabe does not always end well — sometimes, he murders your wife. Aurora Theater Company brings Fraser Grace’s 2005 drama “Breakfast With Mugabe” to Berkeley. The play depicts the aging President Robert Mugabe, a polarizing figure in African politics. Beginning his military and political career as an anti-colonial
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TDPS’s ‘Rhinoceros’ stampedes through campus

“Christ! A rhinoceros!” Similar to the surprise Parisians and tourists experienced when they found themselves face to face with a tiger-like cat near Disneyland Paris earlier this week, the characters in TDPS’s production of “Rhinoceros” are shocked to catch sight of a rhinoceros (a rhinoceros!) stampeding through their quiet French
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BareStage’s latest tempts the imagination

In a basement rehearsal room of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, the lights go dark. The audience falls silent. A series of bodiless voices begin to sing, “Sweet dreams are made of this,” in a 1980s-themed homage to open BareStage’s current production: Williams Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” What exactly “The Tempest”
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Local theater production heats up the Cold War

What happens to 007 when he loses his license to kill? “In From the Cold,” a comedic play written by Jonathan Spector, explores the life of a former secret agent who struggles to adapt to civilian life. The play centers on the relationship between Howard (Julian Lopez-Morillas), a former Soviet
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Winds in the east blow ‘Mary Poppins’ to Berkeley Playhouse

“Mary Poppins” blew in for its Bay Area premiere last week to a fanfare of tooting trumpets and trilling Londoners in beflowered hats and bowlers. The show, which is playing at the Berkeley Playhouse until Dec. 7, is the product of the mind of “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellows, along
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‘Harry Thaw’ is provocative but disappoints

The lights grow dim, and the infamous Evelyn Nesbit (Rosie Hallett) appears under a spotlight on stage. With all eyes on her, she begins a monologue, describing a series of events based on an early-20th-century scandal. A glimpse into a provocative piece of gossip, this monologue builds into “Harry Thaw
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‘Summertime’ has an unquenchable thirst for life

The stage is whimsically serene. The backdrop features a blue sky with impressionistic poofy, hazy clouds. A desk with carefully strewn work, a set of lawn chairs, a couch, a side table with snacks and another with sparkling crystal bottles are distributed among clusters of birch trees standing tall and
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‘The Tempest’ opens to thunderous applause

“The Tempest” is Shakespeare’s last play, and it’s his strangest. It dives headfirst into the stormy waters of magic, colonialism, the age of exploration and the dehumanization of enslaved people. Nancy Carlin’s production of this fascinating work, presented by the African-American Shakespeare Company in San Francisco, is fearless. It confronts
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BareStage’s latest hints at a glimmer of hope in judicial system

We can change. It’s an inspiring thought — one that should be kept in mind while watching BareStage Productions’ “12 Angry Men.” Centered on revealing the injustices of the American legal system, the play bears a powerful message that has carried over decades. This message, modernized and with a renewed
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