Sex jokes, insults fly in Aurora Theatre Company’s Production of ‘The Heir Apparent’

Heir_Aurora Theatre Company_Courtesy
Aurora Theatre Company/Courtesy

Shakespeare is hardly known for shirking overt scatological and sexual puns, but the bard’s Elizabethan English sometimes leaves them hard to catch for modern audiences. This is not so for David Ives’ adaptation of “The Heir Apparent,” Jean-Francois Regnard’s bawdy 1708 farce. Driven forward by singsong, rhyming couplets — “He
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BareStage’s ‘Spring Awakening’ touches upon matters of sex, academic stress

BareStage Production’s adaptation of the 2006 Broadway musical “Spring Awakening” discusses issues of teenage rebellion, suicide and sexual discovery on stage through a captivating performance. “Spring Awakening” tells the coming-of-age story of teenagers in provincial Germany. As they ask questions about sex, their oppressive parents push them further and further
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Act of God_SHN

Divine comedy abounds in ‘An Act of God’

After thousands of years of absentee destruction and almighty ghosting, God has returned to Earth and taken up residence in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theater. He has arrived in the unlikely, clean-shaven, blue-sneakered form of “Will & Grace”’s Sean Hayes, the “beloved star of stage and screen” whose body he
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Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s ‘Macbeth’ looms large

Often, some of the most difficult work in live theater lies in filling the space of a stage. Acting choices, set, sound design and the way that these elements interact on stage are crucial to defining space, setting tone and interpreting theme for an audience. In staging “Macbeth,” one of
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‘Ondine’ splashes into extraordinary, passionate affairs

Based on the mermaid myth and 1811 novella “Undine” by German writer Friedrich Heinrich Karl de la Motte, the Cutting Ball Theater’s world premiere production of “Ondine” makes a splash in the Bay Area’s experimental theater scene. Written by Katharine Sherman and directed by Rob Melrose, “Ondine” is a reimagined
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