Colette Uncensored 1_David Allen_Courtesy copy

‘Colette Uncensored’ explores passion at the Marsh

The Marsh’s production of “Colette Uncensored,” directed by David Ford, tells an insightful tale of a young woman’s venture for artistic awareness in the midst of political and social turmoil in the 19th century. Colette (Lorri Holt), a French writer who led a scandalous life while producing famed novels such
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The Village Bike

‘The Village Bike’ crashes straight into sexist territory

Becky, a schoolteacher, is pregnant. Because of this, her husband no longer wants to have sex with her. Confined to their new, fixer-upper home in the English countryside during summer vacation, a frustrated Becky seeks to fulfill her sexual desires in other ways: with porn, masturbation, an affair with a
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Present Laughter_David Wilson_Courtesy

Lead actor outshadowed by supporting cast in ‘Present Laughter’

Near the end of the first act of “Present Laughter,” a satin-robed middle-aged man asks his secretary and dear friend, “Have you seen me overact?” She glares at him and responds, “Frequently.” And thus, Theatre Rhinoceros’ production of Noël Coward’s comedy gets its biggest laugh of the show. At this
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Despite standout cast, Cutting Ball Theater’s ‘A Dreamplay’ misses mark

Before there was “Inception” or “Memento,” there was “A Dreamplay,” Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s 1901 surrealist drama-in-a-dream. Now at San Francisco’s Cutting Ball Theater through June 19, artistic director Rob Melrose’s plucky production tries heartily to make the nonlinear, metaphysical plot of “A Dreamplay” enjoyable for (or merely accessible to)
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