Berkeley theater adapts to new generation

Theater companies are struggling to garner funds and attract young audiences. This means that they must form new models of approach.

I f conversations about the state of live theater were plugged into a word cloud generator, right next to “Hamilton” in the biggest font would be phrases like “limited resources” and “aging audiences.” Theater has had a high-profile past year, but not everybody can be a “Hamilton.” For nonprofit theaters
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Lion King NY

‘Lion King’ still reigns supreme at SHN Orpheum Theatre

The piercing opening line of “The Lion King” translates from Zulu to “Here comes the lion.” Lions do come, and so do giraffes and bison and gazelles and panthers, parading down the aisles leaving dropped jaws and misty eyes in their wake. Before anyone has time to settle into their
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Big bad “Woolf” bares its teeth at Shotgun Players

Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is set in a fictional university town called New Carthage, a reference to the ancient city destroyed by Roman forces after a century-long series of wars. Albee’s 1962 play certainly feels like it documents a century’s worth of warfare — only, it’s the
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Figure a Sea Deborah HayCullbergbalettenDansare : Unn Faleide, Eleanor Campbell, Samuel Draper

Cullberg Ballet performs ethereal, electric ‘Figure a Sea’

There’s a vision set in traditional dance performances: lithe bodies in costumes, moving to melodious music, conveying some overarching message or plot line. We anticipate a certain kind of graceful carriage, glittering tutus and sumptuous sets, with a story that will be visually performed through the emotions on the faces
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