Play about Picasso is a portrayal in fragments

Paris, 1904. We are welcomed to the Lapin Agile by its bartender, Freddy (Doug Boyd), who greets a 25-year-old and clean-cut Albert Einstein shortly afterward. From the show’s program, we know Pablo Picasso, passionate artist by day and even more passionate womanizer by night, will eventually join him. The two
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Music in ‘Angel Heart’ opera soars over storyline

It’s Sunday night, and Hertz Hall’s theater is dark but packed full of people. No one dares to move or speak as a chilling trill cuts through the silent air. More strings chime in, and the stage is illuminated to reveal a small orchestra of cellos. Their sound is crisp,
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‘Carrie the Musical’ savors the sweet sound of revenge

Once upon a time, a group of mean-spirited kids elected their whipping girl prom queen to humiliate her in public. This has happened a few times in fictional American history, but only Carrie White got the revenge every bullied kid dreamed about. This tale of horror, ostracism and coming of
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‘Next to Normal’ production only stays true to title

Unlike in the days of Gershwin, Lerner and Loewe or Rodgers and Hammerstein, musicals are no longer only about extravagant tap numbers and happy endings. In the age of “Rent” and “Spring Awakening,” with the worlds of Broadway and rock music colliding, musicals today tell all sorts of stories —
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Berkeley Rep season opener brings Chekhov-inspired comedy to West Coast

In Christopher Durang’s “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,” Anton Chekhov meets Walt Disney in this over-the-top comedy that takes place in the rustic Pennsylvanian home of two single 50-something siblings. When their self-absorbed Hollywood actress sister comes gallivanting back into the picture with her very young and often
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‘The Shakespeare Bug’ infects the Bay

There’s a strange infection in San Francisco, and it’s making all those around the geeky, 20-something Hamlet speak and act as if they’re in a Shakespearean play. And, as we all know, the works of William Shakespeare don’t always have happy endings. Following the success of last year’s “Truffaldino Says
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“Luna Noctiluca” is a biblical play not by the book

The story of Salome is anything but simple. It’s biblical and apocryphal, and great writers like Gustave Flaubert and Oscar Wilde have tried to pin it down into a story of sex or scandal or both. Playwright Brooke Silva takes this New Testament story and makes it into something modern
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Elissa Beth Stebbins, Arisa Bega, Carlye Pollack and Abigail Edber co-star in ‘What Every Girl Should Know,’ a play about girls who dream of sexual freedom in their oppressive world.

Play shows a woman’s dream world beyond Catholic confines

It is 1914. With the Comstock Act in full effect, it is illegal in the United States to create and distribute written materials deemed “obscene” by those in charge — including any information or items pertaining to women’s sexuality and health. In this world where women are given no rights
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Aurora Theatre play stages emotional revolution

It would be difficult to watch such a performance without applying such strong feelings of pride, comfort, loss and guilt to one’s own life and relationships. Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre presents Amy Herzog’s “After the Revolution” as a piece of intimacy and availability, history and relevance — a two-hour investigation of the vulnerability and strength of familial relationships.
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