‘Kid Simple’ play on sound is grown-up difficult

If words are simply a series of sounds that exit a person’s mouth, can we really attach meaning to them? “Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh” explores the human understanding and perception of sound. Its aims are laudable, but its convoluted narrative structure doesn’t line up with what
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‘The Life Machine’ is a play about modern monstrosities

Just before the acting in Faultline Theater’s latest play, “The Life Machine,” dancers performed an abstract modern piece that recreated the processes of a contraption. It was weird — twitchy movements coupled with strobe flashers and blue stage lighting. “The people who own this place wanted to bring in couches,”
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Storytelling event showcases people, not performers

On Monday evening, Zellerbach Hall began to fill with people. They didn’t come for a ballet or a symphony; they came to hear honest, heartfelt stories. The Big Bang: The Moth at the Bay Area Science Festival, an event put on by the nonprofit organization The Moth, showcased stories of
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BareStage’s ‘Almost, Maine’ not quite there

In a show composed entirely of short vignettes, it’s assumed there’s some coherent concept tying it all together. In BareStage Productions’ “Almost, Maine,” that concept is, quite simply, love. On a deeper level, it’s about love and its layers — highs and lows, fear and trust, contradictions and simplicities. The
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Crowning performances in Carole King musical rock audience

There’s no denying that Carole King was the ultimate rock ’n’ roll songstress of her generation. The wild-haired musician became a household name in the ’70s after the release of her 1971 classic Tapestry — an album that not only won four Grammys (including Record of the Year) but also
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Play about Picasso is a portrayal in fragments

Paris, 1904. We are welcomed to the Lapin Agile by its bartender, Freddy (Doug Boyd), who greets a 25-year-old and clean-cut Albert Einstein shortly afterward. From the show’s program, we know Pablo Picasso, passionate artist by day and even more passionate womanizer by night, will eventually join him. The two
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