‘Jersey Boys’ remains a classic

“You ask four guys how it happened, you get four different versions.” This is how Tommy DeVito, the brusque patriarch, introduces the story of how a ramshackle group of guys from New Jersey became one of the top-selling pop groups of all time — The Four Seasons. It’s a sordid
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‘The Ruling Class’ shines at UC Berkeley TDPS

TDPS’ black comedy proves to be a thoroughly entertaining performance

The 13th Earl of Gurney and his servant Tucker are standing center stage, and a noose is swinging below the Earl’s head. Tucker and the Earl exchange pleasantries, and eventually Tucker leaves the room, leaving the Earl and the noose to themselves. While delivering a nonsensical monologue, the Earl (played
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BareStage presents adult version of Peanuts comic

‘Dog Sees God’ brings Snoopy and Charlie Brown into 2013

When you open your newspaper (if those things even still exist) and turn to Charles M. Schulz’s legendary “Peanuts” comic strip, you know what to expect. There will be some Snoopy hijinks, a “good grief,” maybe some “wah-wahs” and most certainly an effervescent feeling of warmth bubbling somewhere in the
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“Our Practical Heaven” unmemorable at Aurora Theatre

Premiering at the Aurora Theatre this past week was local playwright Anthony Clarvoe’s “Our Practical Heaven” — a family dramedy consisting of a mere cast of six female characters differing greatly in terms of generations and personalities but strung together by the word “family”. Think “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya
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SF Playhouse tips its hat to “Motherfucker”

Hats have a long history in professional theater. In Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George,” the artist Georges Seurat sings an entire three-minute ode to “Finishing the Hat.” “Look, I made a hat,” he says, “where there never was a hat.” And, in SF Playhouse’s newest production, a
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Anything Goes Tour

‘Anything Goes’ Arrives in SF

The look, plot, dialogue, jokes and even the orchestral accompaniment of “Anything Goes” could easily seem dated. In Cole Porter’s famed 1934 musical, there’s a bit about Arrow shirt collars, Garbo’s salary and Mae West — references that have since gone the way of the cat’s pajamas. But, when you
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‘The Lion King’ transports and transfixes in SF

Since its premiere in 1994, there has been one sound that retains the power to both excite and empower. It’s a piercing, raw and wholly bewitching chant that can stir even the most ornery of curmudgeons out of their embittered stupor. Out of silence, the words come thundering in: “Nants
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Impact’s newest plays on Shakespeare, entrepreneurship

We don’t live in the era of harebrained schemes. We live in the era of venture capitalism and innovative ideas and TED talks. So in this milieu of “anything is possible” — an idea that has persisted despite cries of “The economy! The death of American hegemony! Obesity!” — it
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